This year’s Flu shot?

Question by : This year’s Flu shot?
Earlier this flu season, I was told that I would not need to update my flu shots.
(I am a Substitute Teacher and I do try to keep my flu shots updated as often as needed. I am 44 y.o.) I hear reports saying that this year’s flu strain will be more violent throughout the U.S.A.
The last flu shot-regimin I had was “the standard set” in January 2006.
Do I need an update to my currently “active” flu shots (I was told the one taken in 2006 would last me until 2008.)
Thanks for replies from MEDICALLY trained people.

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Answer by annette o
it is my belief that you need to be vaccinated every year and i am not aware of any vaccine for the flu being good for 2 yrs. I am an Rn

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