This guy claims he can help improve my training “game”…is he legit or is he a creep?

Question by : This guy claims he can help improve my training “game”…is he legit or is he a creep?
I was working out at another location when the guy approached me several weeks back. He supposedly knew I was a trainer by the way I looked, and dressed. He said I knew circuit training, and he wanted a workout buddy to help get him through it. I just said that I was finishing up and he left.

I said hey to him another day and he stopped and showed me an exercise. He stood on top of a stability ball and did some kettlebell flips in the air as well as raises. As he did this, he spoke to me about the game of training. He said he knew how to work the floor, he knew the psychology behind it all, he said he had all the exercises that would attract people to you. He apparently trains at a MMA gym. He apparently does photoshoots. He is VERY into himself, and said the other trainers there were jealous of him. He said all the guys in there are jealous of him, and that he would get into fights. He said he learned everything he knows from a bodybuilder in the area (John Rice?) and that he would teach it all to me if I did something in turn for him. Be his workout buddy. He said he needed a female workout buddy because he gets lazy training with guys. I was very hesitant but ended up saying I would be in there a week from that date at the same time.

I didn’t end up showing up. I stayed at my work location. Several there said something sounded fishy. I ran into him yesterday and he talked about his goals. He wants to get online. Train people online. He talks about how much money can be made online. He said I have the charimsa, I have the looks. He talked about himself more. How he wants to sing, act, and model as well (He’s from San Diego) and was talking about getting into Hollywood. He brought up videos he wanted to do and said I was welcome to do it. He wants to get on Youtube. He kept telling me to look at Zuzana on Youtube (I think she’s a sl*t) and kept exclaiming that she had 16 million views on one video. I mentioned how my last paycheck wasn’t cutting it and he asked why I didn’t transfer over to that gym (much larger and of the same chain) He showed me all the trainers on the wall and talked about who “had it” and what they were good at. He pointed out the guy “to know”. I know all the trainers at this location anyway…but he seemed to know his stuff. He sounds strange, and I know I must come off as real naiive…but he does seem to know his stuff. Especially when he randomly points out some floor type psychology. I gave him my email and said I would work out with him sometime. I am not going to give him my phone # and have no interest in his online videos.

What do you guys think?

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Answer by sexy jj
hes legit

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