The Origins of the Bachmann Train Models

The Origins of the Bachmann Train Models

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The Origins of the Bachmann Train Models

By: Shadrack Ngoasheng A
Posted: Jan 06, 2011

Bachmann Trains is one of the popular brands in the model train making industry today. Bachmann Trains is considered a younger brand by its competitors. The company is well known for selling mass produced but detailed model trains worldwide.

Bachmann Trains, compared to other well-known companies like Lionel Trains, is a young company. Lionel Trains has been in the market for nearly a century. Bachmann Trains may not have the reflective value of old model train companies but its low prices, good quality, and easy-to-assemble model trains make up for the lack of it.

Backmann Trains is young compared to other model train companies in the sense that its competitors have far more extensive experience in model train-making. Still, since its establishment in 1968, Bachmann Trains has since then found its own niche in the model train market. There are model train enthusiasts who are dedicated only to Bachmann Trains.

Actually the origins of Bachmann Trains can be traced back to the Bachmann family’s long line of history when it bought Henry Carlisle’s business. The business sold expensive combs made from ivory or tortoise shell. The company would not have survived the market if it continued selling only ivory and tortoise shell combs, as they are banned materials today.


In 1899, the Bachmann family assumed over the business. The Bachmanns were more daring with their investments and ventured into other products including frames for eyeglasses and sunglasses, which the American government greatly supported. They came to their peak in the first half of the 20th century and eventually became known as the Bachmann Bros.

Later on, the Bachmann Bros. ventured into new grounds to include figurines in its product lines. Some of the figurines were meant to be used for educational purposes while the rest were used as ornaments or decorations. The figurines with educational value that came in the form of animal replicas caught the attention of some model train enthusiasts. They found good use for the figurines to fill up their layouts. The Bachmann Bros. lost no time in venturing into a new market —  that of making more accessories for the train makers. It was in 1968 when the company realized the business would fare better if it went into producing its own line of model trains.

A lot of things transpired after that and by 1981, a Hong Kong based company called Kader Industries bought the Bachmann Bros. The company retained the Bachmann name and called itself Bachmann Industries. Today, Bachmann trains are manufactured in China to reduce production costs. This is one reason why Bachmann trains are one of cheapest trains available in the model train market today.  The quality is still there, though; it continues to provide model kits for new hobbyists and veterans alike.

Shadrack Ngoasheng A – About the Author:

This is how we come to the end of this article. If you are still craving for more on this topic, you can browse more of my articles which I hope you might find also Interesting and educating about atlas model trains and discount model trains. Once again thank you for reading this Article.



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