The Model that Started Proto:87

The Model that Started Proto:87
bachmann trains
Image by renegourley
This was a modified Bachmann engine. By the time I’d finished, I’d discovered two things — that wheels on our models are not to scale, and started to question why, and that it would have been just as easy to have scratchbuilt this engine. Having now actually scratchbuilt an engine, I’m not as certain about the latter, but the former is still true for most everyone’s HO trains.

I got the model to the point of paint. It was right when the new acrylics were coming out, and I used Accuflex. Unfortunately, it went on terribly (there were loads of problems with Accuflex, which is why they rebranded to Modelflex); when I went to strip it, the only thing I could find that worked was non-acetone nail polish remover, which also attacked the CA that bonded most of the parts on. It turned into a kit once more, and I junked the whole thing and moved to P:87. If memory serves, it was a pretty good representation of 607.

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