The Bluebell Railway in 1961

The Bluebell Railway has been running steam trains on a line in rural Sussex for fifty years. This is how it looked in the early days. For more on the Bluebell Railway visit The music is from Suite No1 for brass band by Gustav Holst and is taken from Beulah 1PD82 visit The film is now safely preserved by the South East of England Film Archive. Visit View all A60Stock’s railway videos at Flim Crusty writes on his blog at “Much has been achieved over the fifty years, but there is one aspect of the Bluebell Railway that few have appreciated. As well as preserving steam trains they have preserved the operation and atmosphere of the old Southern Railway. The Southern ran a tight ship, money was never needlessly expended and staff were kept motivated to work to the highest standards by a very small management team. Likewise Bluebell has always been careful with money and volunteers work to the very highest standards. An old Southern Railway friend, alas no longer with us, once remarked that having sat in the C&W mess room it reminded him of his days on the Southern. The subsequent ride in a 100 seater completed the experience for him. I think the profligate and top heavy railway system we have in Britain today could learn at lot from Bluebell.”
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