Test Track: Lionel Metro North M7 (6-car set)

Lionel’s set commemorating Metro North Railroad’s 25th annivesary, with a train of M7 EMU’s. Yes, they’re short. Yes, they appear to be slightly oversize in all other respects (just like MTH’s RailKing subways). You know what? Until someone comes out with scale (or near scale)-length M7’s, these are the only ones out there. And that’s why I got ’em. Performance: Obviously the single-motored power car lacks the oomph to decisivley accelerate the full set without slipping. I guess Lionel didn’t test for realistic starting ability in a starter set. Oh well, at least it has no trouble pulling once the train gets underway. After the train got rolling, I didn’t touch the controller until I brought it to a stop for the last shot. The horn? Obviously recycled from some diesel. It’s not synthesized, but it’s also not an M7 horn. Lionel could have done better–they had Metro-North’s co-operation developing this set, it’s not rocket science getting a recording of an actual M7’s horn, especially if it’s the only sound effect you’re putting in the set. Geez, this is turning into a review. Well, at least the doors open and close somewhat smoothly. I suppose one could rig up a station platform (high-level, please–these trains don’t board from ground level platforms) that engages and moves the levers that open and close the doors. The headlights could use a fourth LED up top–a single one just doesn’t shine through the dual ports like it’s supposed to. And would it have cost that much
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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