Test Track: Lionel Hogwarts Express

This week my new Hogwarts Express takes a spin on the test track. Not that there was much to test, as this appears to be a solid performer for a starter set. Aside from loosening the center axle of the tender so the center wheels would rotate freely, there have been no issues. Now, I didn’t get t his set out of any particular admiration of Harry Potter (I ihave the first two DVD’s and still haven’t watched either one), but more for the novelty of having a British-outline passenger train among my collection (Years ago, the Flying Scotsman toured the US under her own power). Lionel expects to produce add-on cars for the set, as was done for the Polar Express, so I expect to eventually have eight cars, more-or-less matching the UK excursion trains pulled by Olton Hall, the prototype locomotive pulling the Hogwarts in the HP movies. 2011 edit: I have the add-on coaches including the Dementors’ coach. Next time this train runs for the camera, it’ll have six cars. And the brake vans (there are two) will be positioned at both ends. It’s unclear if there will be any additional add-ons.

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