Tekken 6 – Nightmare Train (Hard) Guide/Tutorial

A guide/tutorial for the Hidden area in Tekken 6 – Nightmare Train – for the trophy/achievement “What a Nightmare”. This level can indeed be a pain in the ass, but with a little practice this can be very easy. Firstly youre going to want to do this with Kazuya Mishima, due to his Triple spin kick combo, which is executed by inputting U/F + RK (Jump Forward with Right Kick). Your also going to need some item upgrades, which can easily be farmed via repeating any level you find easy enough to complete on the Hard difficulty. I would suggest farming the first two levels, Brian and Miguel, also because you will encounter Aliens which can help you with another trophy. You will be aiming to maximize your Health bar and adding as many elemental attacks as possible. Here are some of the important upgrades that I used. KAZUYA Upper Body Outer – Fight Karate Gi (Red) – increases health by 341 ELISA Upper Body – Shirt & Vest (Blue/Red) – increases health by 315 This should be plenty enough to help to defeat this challenge, remember to add as many elemental attacks such a Fire, Thunder or Ice. NOTE: There seems to be a strange bug where a health item may not be applied to your characters stats. Just un-equip the said item and re-equip it. Also, don’t forget that Health Items DONT STACK, this means you only can wear ONE HEALTH ITEM. So make sure you wear your HIGHEST item. If you still have any questions, please feel free to ask. PLEASE RATE & COMMENT 🙂 PSN: GreyFoxIndy PS Sorry for

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