HO and O Scale New York to Chicago Model Railroad Empire

www.smarttinc.com presents . . . This HO and O Scale 27ft x 32ft club-sized layout delivers an entertainment packed thrill for friends and family members of all ages. Featuring a traveling odyssey from the southwest to Chicago, Cleveland, Appalachia, all the way to New York City, this layout will entertain for a lifetime. From a full featured steel industry to coal mining, logging, urban transit, and mainline high-balling, this layout has it all! Control System: HO – plug-in DCC, O – Wireless DCS / TMCC See more at www.smarttinc.com

Can i get help on my lionel model o-27 new york central train?

Question by lffj1543: Can i get help on my lionel model o-27 new york central train?
hi yahoo, i need help. the other day i dug up my old train, and train accessories and decided to set it up. BUT, the coupling on the coal car is broken, so alas i can only run it with the locomotive. any ideas on how to fix this problem?

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Answer by Steven D
If equipped you can remove the second coupler from the caboose and put it on the tender. that way you can start enjoying the memories. By the way, you might want to get a copy of Classic Toy Trains at the book store.
Here’s a link:http://www.trains.com/ctt/
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