Why wont my brand new lionel train smoke ?

Question by mac867luvr: Why wont my brand new lionel train smoke ?

I have a brand new Lionel Train set. Its a Conrail Lionmaster #6-31772. I added the smoke fluid as directed, 10 drops and ran the train for about 10 minutes, no smoke came out ? There is also a caboose that is supposed to smoke, that wont either ? Do you think the smoke fluid is bad ?

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Answer by Ben H
Smoke fluid doesn’t go bad. I have some that’s 50 years old and works fine.

First, check the smoke switch on the bottom, and make sure it’s not off. This may seem obvious, but it’s happened to me.

Also, if you’re running under TMCC or Legacy control, you’ll need to turn the smoke unit on with the remote control. Under TMCC, you’ll need to address the engine, then press [AUX 1] [9]. Under Legacy, you’ll need to select the engine in the remote, then press AUX1, followed by the icon that looks like a smokestack(where the #9 was)-you will have 3 options which will appear on the screen-low, medium, and high.

Lionel sometimes ships the units dry, and sometimes ships them already filled. If it was already filled, 10 drops would have flooded it, and it wouldn’t work. Turn the engine over on a paper towel. If it’s flooded, some will drain out on the paper towel. Let it sit upside down for a minute or two, then start running it again. It will eventually start.

If the unit was dry, 10 drops won’t be nearly enough. If it was dry, you won’t have any drain out when turned upside-down. In this case, add about 20-30 more drops, and it should then work,

There’s also the small possibility that the smoke unit is bad, in which case it will need to make a trip back to Lionel.

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My puppy wont quit peeing in his cage?

Question by Cpt.TaylorBeth: My puppy wont quit peeing in his cage?
He is 9 weeks old and Ive had him for 2 weeks.
He is EXTREMELY smart so I dont understand why he doesnt respect his own den?
He will litterally pee and then lay down in it.

I take him out as soon as I wake up (earlier if he wakes up before me and whines)
I take him out 15 minutes after any playing or “training” we do.
I take him out about 20/30 minutes after eating and drinking.
And otherwise every 1 and a half or so.

EVERYTIME I take him out we walk around the neighborhood, its a good walk.
He usually goes pee about 2 times and poop.

I give him a treat upon entering his crate and praise him, and he has a few chew toys/bones for boredom.

When I can watch him attentively he gets to come out of his crate.

Ive done alot of research as to why a dog would be doing this and Ive done everything they say to do and not do. I dont rub his face in it bc it does nothing but embarrass them. I make his crate a happy place to be with the treats and the toys. I dont keep him all cooped up. I take him out probably more than enough, i praise him with a small treat and “good boy” when he “goes potty”. I use a spray thats supposed to take away the smell.

I just feel hopeless. Its SOO gross. And I feel like he will never learn. Im a mother of a toddeler so crate training is the ideal potty training method for me.
*idk if this matters but he is a husky/german shepard mix. From what ive read theyre supposed to care alot about their dens.
His crate is the right deminsions and he does NOT get water or food in his crate (except treats)
Thank yall. I will deffinatly ask my vet when i take him in for shots, and just keep in mind he’s a baby. NEW QUESTION:How long did it take yall to train your puppies? I know everyones is different but Im just curious?

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Answer by The Other Joshâ„¢
You said that he is very smart. Maybe he’s smart enough to realize that every time he pees in his cage, he gets to come out of it.

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How do I anchor track down for model railroad–N-Guage-when nails won’t hold?

Question by Michael M: How do I anchor track down for model railroad–N-Guage-when nails won’t hold?
I am building a layout on a hollow core door and I am concerned that the luan is not allowing the tiny nail to bite. Becasue I am using flex track, the cork railbed is not sufficient.

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Answer by mariner31
I’ve used latex medium to glue down N-scale Flex track !! I use pins and weights to help hold it down… but on luann or light plywood, it’s PERFECT to adhere it to the roadbed.

I’ve also seen folks do it with thin beads of latex caulk.. but I think that would work best with HO track.


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