The Great Western at Worthing

The Great Western at Worthing
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Image by Elsie esq.
A class 158 arrives at Worthing station having run from Bristol (en route to Brighton. Although in the colours of Alpha line the service is now run by First Great Western.

Do you not think that the First Group should put "first after the train operators name . i e "Great Western First"! Just an idea.

Vintage Grand Trunk Western Trains In Chicago 1989

Here we have a inbound GTW train arriving from Michigan, see if you can count how many cars go around the gates we are standing in Evergreen Park,IL. Next up we are at Alsip,Illinois notice again how many cars go around the gates before this train headed for Michigan comes roaring by with his nice M3R1 ! Then we are another location where we see a Westbound CN and a Eastbound GTW at the same time the CN has a nice Airchime M3H. Then we see the Eastbound with a nice Leslie S3LR0 horn.

Lionel 6-38080 Western Pacific GS-64 # 485 – TMCC – RS 5.0 – kgtrains

Lionel 6-38080 Western Pacific GS-64 # 485 – TMCC – RS 5.0 – kgtrains This is another engine that I think is under rated by collectors. They have amazing details and are almost impossible to find. (they sold in very low numbers) Introduced in 1937, the Southern Pacific’s Daylight trains became some of the most heavily traveled routes in the country. Cars and locomotives received a brilliant livery of orange, red and silver. Streamlined, state of the art 4-8-4 locomotives dubbed the GS-2 class became the very first preferred power for these prestigious runs. A near copy of the GS-2 was produced again in 1943 for both the Southern Pacific and Western Pacific. These 4-8-4s were unstreamlined due to wartime material shortages. Whether classed GS-6 on the SP or GS-64 on the WP, the locomotives performed admirably in freight and passenger service. Both of these new scale-sized locomotives provide accurate replicas of two classic western steamers. With an open cab and 220-R tender, the Lionel GS-2 remains true to its prototype, the very first GS-2 Daylight, Southern Pacific #4410. An all-new set of Daylight 18″ aluminum passenger cars is also available. The Lionel GS-64 marks the first time that this classic Western Pacific steamer has ever been correctly modeled in die-cast metal O gauge. Although based on the GS-2 boiler and running gear, the GS-64 included many notable distinctions, such as an all-weather cab and 235-R tender. Both locomotives come fully equipped with the
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I have a lima western express electric train set with coach wash and i am looking to sell it, have you any ideas of price ??.
I cant seem to find any pics of any where can you help.
Kind Regards John

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Answer by Wendigo
That’s something that needs to be looked over, and checked by someone at a hobby shop, that deals with model railroading. The condition of the cars, the engine(s) checked to make sure that they work properly, and their general over all condition. A hobby shop will have books on the various trains cars and makers that will give them a value based on the condition, model number, and how many were produced. No one can give you an accurate valuation of what you have without inspecting the set first hand. Also this is not something you take to a pawnshop for appraisal since few deal in model railroading, and aren’t able to properly appraise them, unless they call in an outside expert, from a hobby shop, that deals in model railroading.

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MTH HO Norfolk & Western J Class Steam Engine

The Class J 4-8-4 was an engine of quiet superlatives. Handsome, powerful (5100 hp), and, as a test on the Pennsylvania Railroad proved, capable of hauling 15 cars at 110 mph, it was designed and styled not by one of the big three builders (ALCo, Baldwin, and Lima) or a famous designer like Raymond Loewy or Henry Dreyfuss, but by the N&Ws home-grown team of designers and craftsmen at the roads Roanoke, Virginia shops. For power and quick acceleration through mountainous territory, and to make room for the largest possible boiler, they equipped the streamlined J with 70 drivers — unusually small for a 4-8-4 and fully 10 smaller than the Southern Pacifics Daylight GS-4 of the same wheel arrangement. The MTH Electric Trains’ HO N&W J is more fun to operate than any previous version of this magnificent locomotive, with its N&W whistle, passenger station announcements, synchronized chuff and puffing smoke, and speed control so smooth you wont spill the water in the diner. For more information on our superbly detailed model and its prototype, including surviving J No. 611, visit

Layout Update #2 – Appalachian & Western Railroad – 10/29/09

This is the 2nd video update on my O-scale layout. I’d recommend checking out the previous full tour video and the 1st update video before viewing this. Check out my trains and train blog at
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Layout Update #3 – Appalachian & Western Railroad

The third layout update video for Eric Siegel’s Appalachian & Western Railroad. And yes, I run a train around the layout at the end of the video. Because YouTube videos can’t be longer than 10 minutes, I had to cut out the video of the train going up onto the second level. Enjoy! More stuff at
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