RE: Crate training a 16 week old puppy?

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I know that I should know better then this, but i’ve never bought an “older” puppy. Her breeder said she was “almost 100% crate trained” but he failed to mention that she will bark, whine, and cry for hours!

I’ve been keeping Emmy in her kennel as much as I can without overdoing it- She will bark and bark and bark- Putting a chew toy or throwing a blanket over the kennel won’t do anything, she’ll keep going.

am I doing this right? Just ignore her, and that’s it? I’m just about ready to give her a bark collar and let her find out the hard way that barking is unacceptable.

BTW, I *never* had this much trouble with my first pup. We got her at 8 weeks and she was completely silent by 12 weeks, and putting a blanket over the kennel ALWAYS worked.

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Answer by Shepherd Trainer ~FIGHT BSL~
Let her bark her head off til she calms down…it will happen…..eventually…my Rottweiler and younger APBT were Satan in disguise to crate train, but they caught on eventually. My older APBT and GSDs were little angels, every dog is different.

You just have to grit your teeth and bare it, totally ignore her. If you turn and give her any form of attention she succeeded in getting what she wanted, your attention.

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