Do you think this dress will suit the “setting” of my wedding?

Question by secret_oktober_girl: Do you think this dress will suit the “setting” of my wedding?
It’s a 2nd wedding for both of us & we’re both in our mid 30s…so we’re going for “informal” but “traditional” to some extent.
Ceremony AND reception are both outdoors, taking place at my parents farm in the orchard yard this Sept 29th. (so it’ll tech be the fall season)

I wanted something that looked a little “country garden” type, but both comfy and well made for dancing, moving around, bending down to hug all the “little ones” that will be there, and that I don’t have to worry about a “wardrobe malfunction!” LOL

I didn’t want the train or jacket that comes on the bridal version, so I ordered the BM version shown in lavendar–only I ordered the ivory color, which is actually more “white” than the ivory appears in the pic.
(I’m trying to find some cute white wedge heels to go w/it so I don’t sink in the grass!)
My fiance is going to wear a nice suit. Our colors are cranberry and ivory, so his suit w/be black and he’s trying to decide on whether to go w/a solid cranberry tie, black tie or a tasteful “print” w/our colors?
HEY—any thoughts on that too while you’re here??? 😉
I’m leaning towards the solid cranberry tii. His boutineer will be an ivory rose w/small mini berry sprig. We’re using alot of berry and grapevine, going for a natural “rustic” look.
…OH-when I say “country garden”…I don’t mean haybail/cowboy/rodeo-type country…
but more like scenic/floral/old-american-english type garden….

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Answer by mommyoftwo728
Very nice and elegant. I think you will look beautiful and it looks comfortable as well. That’s always a plus.

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