12.24.09 How To Weather a rusty HO BN Cement Hopper.wmv

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! Although this video was done on Christmas Eve I am uploading it late in the night and it will be viewed on and after Christmas Day. This covered hopper was done in about 2 hours and came out nicely. The sole purpoase of this one is destined for sale on Ebay to gauge my level in the weathering market. This is a step by step how I complete a model with rust, fade, dirt and weathering trucks & wheels. I hope you enjoy it!!
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Are lionel trains/track “weather” proof?

Question by Marine voter: Are lionel trains/track “weather” proof?
I have a new pennsylvania railroad lionel beginner track, and I wondered if it could withstand rain,snow,etc.

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Answer by bboy thunderblast
i dnt think so
if u already put it in snow and what not………………………good luck

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How can I weather an ho scale train?

Question by Nate: How can I weather an ho scale train?
I want to make one of my engines look like its worked a long hard life.

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Answer by Princess
You can weather a train by using various chalks and powders found in local hobby stores. I use the Tamiya Weathering Master (looks like an eye shadow kit) in rust colors, browns, soot, tans, etc. Spray a dull clear coat to seal it in. Use various sizes of eye shadow brushes to apply for precision. You can also use q-tips for applicators. If you are good at airbrushing and for a more permanent look that’s a good way to go. Good luck and happy hobbying!

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