Challenger 3983 and Chesapeake and Ohio “George Washington”

Fresh from the builder, American Locomotive Company in Schenectady, New York, Union Pacific Challenger No. 3983 (Lionel Trains Lionmaster 6-28077) races the Chesapeake and Ohio’s crack train, the George Washington, led by Kanawha (Berkshire) locomotive no. 2744 (MTH Electric Trains no. 30-1128-0) in the northeast corridor between Trenton and Newark. The time is August 1943 and the Challenger is runs away with a 27 car freight train en route to its delivery to the Union Pacific Railroad in Omaha. Soon, the Challenger, too, will be assigned to passenger service. The C&O Kanawha is replacement power for Hudson type locomotives that are in servicing and is leading a mix of older Pullman heavyweights and newer streamlined cars.
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Atlantic Coast S Gaugers – Washington and Old Dominion – Trains and Erector Sets

The Washington and Old Dominion Division of the Atlantic Coast S Gaugers set up and ran S gauge trains and operating Erector Sets at the Greenberg Train Show in Chantilly, VA. Two freight trains and a passenger train pass the operating Erector Sets. Approximately one-half of the giant ACSG-W and OD layout is shown.
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why are some electric trains between washington and new york on 25 cycle ac current instread of 60 cycle. ?

Question by guywire: why are some electric trains between washington and new york on 25 cycle ac current instread of 60 cycle. ?

Is there something about a lower number of cycles that delivers more power to the motors or makes them more easily controlled

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Answer by DTT89ACE
Because that is how the system is set up due to the power supply.

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Model Train + Model Rowhouses, Washington, DC

Model Train + Model Rowhouses, Washington, DC

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The US Botanic Gardens had a wonderful holiday exhibit, A Midnight Clear, that featured fantastic scale models (in all natural materials) of the major buildings around the National Mall in Washington, DC. There were models of the Botanic Gardens itself, the Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Supreme Court, the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, and the Smithsonian Castle. A large holiday tree inside the Garden was surrounded by miniature townhouses with a model railroad winding throw them. Outside the Garden were several more model trains, too, in a miniature natural landscape with suspension bridge, trestle bridge, and covered wooden bridge.