Virgin Pendolino 390 041 at Rugby

Virgin Pendolino 390 041 enters and leaves Rugby station. Britain’s First Railway Murder: (Article) London’s Unique Funeral Railway: (Article) A Double-Decker Train Mystery that Lasted Nearly 40 Years: (Article) ‘The Popularity of the Railway Camping Coach’ (Article) ’15 Fascinating Historical Railway Facts’ (Article) ‘The Class 31 Diesel Locomotive’
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Hornby R4397 New MkIII DVT Virgin Trains (OO Gauge)

Its been a while since I have bought anything in OO gauge as I have recently been working on my N gauge layout, but this new Hornby MkIII DVT (Driving Van Trailer) in Virgin Trains was too good to miss! The model cost me £45 from Trains4U in Peterborough where some critics say the price might be a tad steep, but this is a super detailed model and it features head and tail lights as well as a cab light when the train is working in “push” mode. The fleetnumber is 82150 and the model also has opening cab doors as well. I have used my Hornby Class 60 which is my beast 60008 in EWS livery and 4 MkIII carriages for the test rake which I have rented Nathan’s YMR layout to test the “Dreamliner” Express train on. Unfortunately when the train was tested in push mode, it derailed three times. But this was due to the NEM couplers on the last two carriages towards the locomotive sliding under each other and nothing to do with the DVT being at fault at all. It is a very well made OO gauge model from Hornby and I intend getting the ONE anglia DVT as my next purchase in OO gauge. Comments & Ratings Welcome!


Here is my very first modern home made model railway diorama layout that I built! Featuring an Imax Cinema, Kato high rise buildings, a lake, a car dealership, a shopping retail park, a hotel, haulage company and more! It also has an international airport that I will name Heathwick Airport! (Heathrow & Gatwick play on words) It is a fictitious and mostly modern town, and has some elements of Japan, America and Britain about it. I hope you enjoy my mini movie style video! PLEASE VISIT MY BLOG PAGE TO SEE ME BUILDING THIS

Hornby Model Railways Virgin Trains Class 90 Review ~ Part 1.

The first part to the Christmas Special on VirgintrainsU, we see a review of the Hornby model railways Class 90 loco in 00 scale. The 1998 released model from Hornby Models railways in 00 scale, the video shows the locos detail and the loco running on a small test track. The class 90 worked on Virgin Trains Cross Country and West Coast franchises. I hope you enjoy the video, part two to follow.
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