Snowblasting Action & Arctic Cold, Südbahn near Vienna, December 20 2009

A sunny Sunday on the Southern Railway near Vienna, with some chaos due to the low temperatures. Ironically all of the new connections from the Czech Republic or Poland down to Wiener Neustadt and further to Villach were mostly more punctual than trains starting in Vienna itself. Sadly strong, ice-cold winds and the fact that snow didn’t fall until morning didn’t leave too much white near the tracks, but there still were great effects to be observed. The second half features “Stormblast” by Dimmu Borgir, my apologies to all non-fans of Norwegian Metal, but this just expresses the mood of standing in the ice-cold wind best (and covers some of the wind noise)! 😉 Happy holidays to all YouTube Users! 🙂

Reroutes & Specials 2: Vienna, Tram and Aspang Steam, May-June 2009

Because of a switchbox failure international express and freight trains were rerouted via the Schnellbahn line through the city. Also, a special with nostalgic freight tram and steam on the Aspang railroad. In one scene you can see out of service class 4010 units being shipped to Germany and later after refurbishment to Scandinavia.