How strongly do you feel that the Founding Fathers were very moral and responsible people?

Question by Dairy’s Scary: How strongly do you feel that the Founding Fathers were very moral and responsible people?
With only the love of country and countrymen and women at heart??

Do you think they were really all we hold them up to be? or were they trying to get over on people just like those politicians of today??

I like to think that they really had what was best for their New Country at heart. However, I find it hard to believe that all was A OK back then as far as corruption and lobbyists and whatnot goes.

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Answer by Come and Take It
They weren’t perfect. Who is? Jefferson owned slaves and later freed them.

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How can I make very miniature trains?

Question by RBRN: How can I make very miniature trains?
I need one for a diorama that needs rail cars of 1/2-1 inch in length. I have not been able to find these in stores or online and I do woodworking as a hobby. So I could make them if I had to, but would rather not. If anyone knows of a source to buy them, let me know. Or where I could find instructions to make them.

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Answer by substitute_for_real_emotion
with difficulty

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Chinese people make moon spacecrafts and electric bullet trains, does this mean China is a very high tech coun?

Question by : Chinese people make moon spacecrafts and electric bullet trains, does this mean China is a very high tech coun?




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Answer by I DJ Weddings

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HD video: Very realistic model railroad with awful track .wmv

The footage shows awful track – that works! – on a model railroad featuring 90’s era CSX. Two main segments are shown – handlaid yard trackage, and a mainline attempt at realistic jointed rail. The layout is a small one on an outdoor porch, so when you hear the sound of crickets in the mix, that is actually real. All of the trackage, scenery, equipment, and weathering was last worked on some 6 years ago, when I was in my teens. The layout has actually been dormant for 6 years with stuff stored on top and cats sleeping on the foliage. I revived it to take a record of the best portions. Most of the yard tracks are handlaid n-scale rail on tiny wooden ties, with ample kinks. The yard lead and siding are even more deliberately designed to cause trouble. I put cardboard shims under the middle 30′ ft. of each scale 40′ ft section of rail, and then spiked the joints down to create the characteristic bowed effect of poorly maintained jointed rail. You’ll notice that this is done with N-scale rail on a curved piece of track that heads into a curve switch – I have no idea how the trains stay on the track! The joints are more pronounced on the siding track shown at the end of the video, which is laid with cut 40’scale code 83 rail laid on plastic ties. I intended to film the manifest leaving and some more switching, but ran out of time. Hopefully next time I visit I can capture some more. This video is incredibly misleading about the overall railroad, though, as it is really the
Video Rating: 4 / 5

HOW TO MAKE REALISTIC MODEL TREES. Fast, easy and very cheap. A tutorial.

Here’s a quick model tree tutorial describing how I create my scale trees. They will add a lot to any model train set or diorama. I use these on my stop motion movie sets. Hope this helps some people! Thanks
Video Rating: 4 / 5

My husband isn’t very affectionate of our baby girl?

Question by : My husband isn’t very affectionate of our baby girl?
When he is watching football, he places her over his shoulder (the burp position) facing backwards, she faces a blank white wall, ignoring her for a long time. If she fusses, he turns up the volume. If I give him the look, he just says “what’s wrong, baby?” in an annoyed voice.

When she cries at night and it is his “turn” to check on her, if she is cold-hot-wet-hungry, he doesn’t want to go. Her crib is right by our bed, but he claims it is because I am closer. He doesn’t wake up or pretends not to (he swears he does not pretend, even when she cries loud). If he gets up, he wants to get back to bed as quick as possible. He wants to place a pacifier in her little mouth and “shush” her to sleep, which will only make her more upset. He does not even open his eyes completely, like he wants to not lose the “sleepy mode” of his own.

When I got sick with the flu and when I am too sleep deprived, I nurse in bed (she is exclusively breastfeeding) and the deal was that I would wake him up afterwards if I needed help burping her or putting her back to bed. He takes forever to get up, I have to call many times, and I don’t want to get louder and startle her, but he is so lazy. Then he goes for a t-shirt, for a clean burp cloth, sometimes it takes so long for him to pick her up from me that she starts fussing needing to burp.

I used to leave the house for a few hours on a few Saturdays but I don’t trust him anymore because I come home to see her asleep in her playing chair with a pacifier on and him on the floor with a pillow and a blanket – and that just feels odd, I have no idea how she fell asleep like that, it is not her style. But still he says he “enjoys” being with her, and says he loves her (I think he does, in his odd way).

When she takes long to fall asleep, I ask to take turns holding her and he complains that she wishes she would soothe herself and says he can’t understand why she won’t just fall asleep, period. I explain that she is just a baby and she is learning and he needs to be patient. It does not affect him. He thinks that when she grows up he will enjoy being a parent more, that is what he said.

He has suggested to let her cry herself to sleep with I firmly forbid from start. He insists I should “train” her to a schedule, which I won’t because it would be all work of my own just to stress me and her out. I like following her pace and that will not change. She will have a schedule when she is older and ready to go to school. Anyways, HE would not help me if I tried the schedule.

During my labor and delivery he only wanted to sleep and he was mean to me, wanted to shut the lights off and sleep all the time, did not help me recover.

There are good things about him, though. He does not mind cleaning and cooking, he can do dishes, laundry, etc, even breakfast in bed to me on weekends. He buys her clothes, toys, gear, I never asked him to. He is good at changing diapers but he will never give her a bath.

It bothers me the lack of bonding with the baby and our relationship deteriorating because I resent him for not helping me physically.

He says he loves her, but she stares at him dearly and he does not acknowledge. He talks loud around her when she is tired trying to sleep and she cries and he just walks away.

She is 4 months old now and he has always been like that. I tried talking, explaining, giving him copies of book pages he won’t read, I became bitchy and later apologized, don’t know what to do anymore. If I give him the cold treatment it is hard because he tries to be nice and then goes back to his normal again next day.

Also, we have plenty of sex, and I feel h bribes me, being nicer around her when he wants her to fall asleep soon so we can have sex. Shortly after we are done, if she wakes up, he is sound asleep back to being a lazy d**k. He even dares to say he would like to have more sex and if I say I am too sleep deprived tonight he says “you don’t really have to DO anything, just be relaxed”.

Thanks for reading.

I might sound childish, but appreciate adult opinions, of “been there’s”. If you never experience any of these things, please don’t bother giving opinion.

Appreciate it.
Lotty – Yes, first baby.
Pearl – I did not mention but I do express some milk for him to feed her at night. I have a night job from 2am to 6am from home. She usually sleeps and I nurse her during my break. I watch her sleep on the monitor. If she wakes up when I am on the phone (it is an over-the-phone job), he feeds her for me.
Pearl – I did not mention but I do express some milk for him to feed her at night. I have a night job from 2am to 6am from home. She usually sleeps and I nurse her during my break. I watch her sleep on the monitor. If she wakes up when I am on the phone (it is an over-the-phone job), he feeds her for me.
Kelly – there is no way I will torture my baby just to make my husband more comfortable. I practice attachment parenting, it is best for her. Thank God people are refusing these cry-out, own-bedroom methods more and more, for the sake of happy and healthy babies. thanks for the input anyway
a GUY – if a guy is not ‘into’ babies, why make them?

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Answer by choko_canyon
Opinions? Mine is that your post is about 5x as long as it should have been, and that you didn’t ask an actual question. But in fairness, that’s just an opinion.

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Pinched nerve? Very stiff? What’s wrong with him? Chiropractor? And…?

Question by Jessica: Pinched nerve? Very stiff? What’s wrong with him? Chiropractor? And…?
Holy cow.. I didn’t realize how long this was going to be. Please bear with me!

I guess I’ll give a little background on the situation. I clean stalls at a farm in exchange for pasture boarding for two horses. When I first came to the farm I brought one of my horses, and left the other at the old barn because he was currently in a lease (he is sold now). The new farm has an Arabian that they agreed to let me “have” in exchange for 100 hours of working/riding their horses that they don’t have time to. Basically, working of his price of $ 1000. As of right now I haven’t signed any sort of contract, or even started working off his price. It’s been about a week and a half. I do plan on having a contract stating the situation and some kind of log to keep track of the hours I’ve worked, and a final contract stating that they are releasing ownership of the horse to me.

Anyways, they are a training/boarding farm and they got this horse for free back in November. They have put him on the back burner and have only ridden him maybe 6-7 times before I got him. I rode him fairly “hard” (not really.. I guess hard compared to what he was/is used to) a couple of days in a row. The next day he was off.. not completely lame, but you could tell he was sore. We put a poultice on the leg that he was off on and turned him. I rode him two days later and he was fine. So, I just brushed it off as him being sore from being worked too “hard”.

That was like maybe 5 or so days ago. 2 days ago we went on a trail ride that we trotted a lot on and now he is acting very stiff and ouchy. He is walking like his stifle is bothering him, but I don’t know what is wrong. When I pick up his feet he acts differently on each one. His two fronts he will lift up high and hold them there. The back left, when I first picked it up, he stretched it outward. The back right he scrunched up to his belly. Also, when he was standing in the cross ties, he would lift his front legs up (one at a time, he wasn’t rearing) as if he was going to paw, but lifted them much higher and didn’t paw. One of the trainers said that he may have a pinched nerve and that he probably needs to see the chiropractor. She tried to “set” his back by pulling on his tail with all of her weight. He did seem to walk a little more normal than before.

Any thoughts on what’s wrong with him or what to do? Is the chiropractor a good idea?

Also.. this is the second time this horse has been lame in some way in a week and a half. I already got his feet trimmed, and am now looking at calling the chiropractor out. I don’t even have anything signed saying he is mine or anything.. should I tell them I want to back out of having him? I don’t want to.. I feel like that wouldn’t be the right thing to do, but I don’t know if I should be obligated to stick with it, with all of these problems.

Gah, I don’t know.. I want opinions!

Here is a picture of him lifting his leg up in the cross tie. I have a video, too but it’s too big to upload.

BTW, none of this is normal behavior for him

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Answer by ♥This is Midnight♥
He is so darn cute!!!!!!

I am an Equine Massage Therapist and I wold 1st have him massaged. It could b a pinches nerve or if he has a poorly fitting saddle, fell etc then he might have hurt his muscle. Though a Chiro might also be a good idea.

Massages are usually cheaper then a Chiro to. Also, studies have show the effects of the chiro last 10x longer if you get a massage 1st, because the muscles are looser for the chiro to get through.

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Where can I buy a very nice paint brush holder?

Question by Jen: Where can I buy a very nice paint brush holder?
My uncle is a model railroader, and it’s very hard to find a good gift for him. I’ve noticed that in his work station he keeps his pain brushes in a tin can, and I thought that I nice gift for him would be an ascetically pleasing wooden pain brush holder. I have done some searching however, and I can only find ones for kids, or ones that do not look all that nice. I’d really like to get him something special, but I cannot find anything. Do you know where I could buy one?

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Answer by The Z
Jack Richeson makes some very nice ceramic brush jars which you can find at most any fine art supplier, maybe even Michaels. Look on-line to see what I’m referring to. You might find a local ceramics store or artist group who can hook you up with something nice.

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