The Ribe Valley OO Gauge Garden Railway

My attempt at a garden railway. Sorry about the sound at the beginning, but it was fine before I uploaded it! My goals in building a garden railway were: a) To build a railway sympathetic to an already established garden. b) To make it as low maintenance as possible, due to an already busy lifestyle. c) To make a railway that I could just sit back and watch. d) To be able to run Triang/Hornby locomotives with Class 2 + 3 motors, which I love. To cover point a) I decided to build a railway/rockery hybrid, which I elevated from the floor to cut down the leaf litter and froglet trespassers on the line. I only have a couple of small, but sympathetic buildings on the railway as I feel stations, houses and people can sometimes look a bit tacky. For point b) I built a robust and simple dog-bone loop using roof tiles, cement, hard soil, slate stone and chippings. I originally used fish tank gravel on the track bed, which I later removed as I found it was more of a hindrance than a benefit. Point c) I kept it simple, but interesting, creating as many scenic views as I could fit into this small cramped area. And point d) I did away with the few points I had planned, as the old Triang locos don’t really like modern track, which I didn’t mind as this also suited point c) as well. I just love Triang locos! A quick clean up of a loco that has been sitting in somebody’s damp loft for the last thirty years and off they go! They are tough and nothing gets in their way. And their wheels
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Quick Ride on Tionesta Valley Railway. Part 2

Here’s the rest of the loop until I ran out of memory… There are a couple of decent grades that aren’t really apparent in the video. Coming down around the loop and bridge, then climbing back up to the switch. The back from the Y headed back to the main yard. It’s not bad to ride it, but if you’re at the controls, you better be paying attention. The diesel isn’t too bad, but under steam you figure out if you’re a good operator or not! I enjoy it more than you can imagine.

Valley River Railroad Club – I met Thomas Urso and John Myers on my social network for people who are interested in Murphy, NC ( http ). Thomas invited me to their open house on November 19, 2011, where they have a railroad inside the Southern caboose at the L&N Railroad. I enjoyed looking at, and learning more about, their model railroad. You can learn more about their club, and the people involved, on their website at:

My first Yakima Valley HO scale layout

My Yakima Valley HO scale layout, “Selah (Fruit Row)” at Trainwest 2007. Now the full 7:26 after an issue with the first video. The period depicted is the early 1980’s, when the Porto Streetcars could be seen operating tourist services alongside the UP freight. The layout is currently being extended to include the Carbarn area and industries on Pine St.

Trains of Thought #17 – Diamond Valley Miniature Railway

Trains of Thought is a video series about real and model trains. Be sure to check out the other videos in the series. This video features the Diamond Valley Miniature Railway, a 7.25 inch guage railway located in Eltham, Victoria, Australia
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