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i want to start collecting model trains, but i dont understand the diffrent types, like HO, G, and stuff, thx.?

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Question by Joshua F: i want to start collecting model trains, but i dont understand the diffrent types, like HO, G, and stuff, thx.?

Best answer:

Answer by mike1942f
Mostly it has to do with size but also different designations in different parts of the world. All are motor driven, operable on tracks. O is the size of Lionel and American Flyer in the US, popular about the time of WWII and ten years after. Track width is about 2″. HO is half O and is intended for smaller layouts, track width is about 1″. N is smaller and for the same reason of layout size. G goes in the other direction and to my eye is about 3 times O and is Garden – lines intended to be used outdoors, so bigger scale. There are larger ones in real steam and different european sizes.
Actually, the ones that come up on Antiques Roadshow most often are not the operating trains at all, but the cast iron and stamped sheet metal play toys of 1890-1920 which are 4 to 6 inches tall.

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How to Understand this Mathematical question?

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Question by Sunrise: How to Understand this Mathematical question?
Hello This Question is belongs to ” Sets” Concept in Mathematics.

There are 7 Passengers in Train.Five Can Speak Hindi language, Four Can Speak English language and two can speak both the languages.So find How many Passengers Can Speak a) Only Hindi Language b) Only English language.

So I didnot understood this question , Can you explain me because they told 5 can speak hindi,4 can speak english and 2
can speak both languages means it exceeds 7 passengers NO? There are totally 7 passengers.How to understand this type of Questions.

Best answer:

Answer by Laura T
There are 2 that can speak both but they also put this into the other numbers. So its really, 3 can speak ONLY hindi, 2 can speak ONLY english, and 2 can speak both. They took the people that could speak both and counted them into the number of people that could speak that language overall.

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