Lionel Electric Trains “Collection of 6-8-6 Turbines”

Here’s a few more of my Lionel Train collection including 11 turbines which are some of my very favorite engines to run. I have 15 turbines in all but didnt want to have to dig them out,,haha,,also being as how i dont have a nice permanent layout this will probably be my last train video for a while,,not included in this video are smaller engines like 1666’s and 2026’s and 2018,2016 and so on,,,the 2056 ‘s in this video are probably dollar for dollar the best Lionel train to buy,,there big and rugged and affordable and very attractive engines and can be won on ebay from 75 to 150 dollars which is a bargain for such a large engine and there easy to work on and clean and lube,,,hope you enjoy seeing them and to know they were made in America back when the American worker took pride in what they built and the quality was un-surpassed,,,Have a Merry Christmas