Great sounding GE’s exit Sand Patch tunnel in 1990…

With the helpers on the lead, west bound 135 exits Sand Patch tunnel. The helpers get taken off just past Sand Patch towel and head back to Hyndman, where the helpers where stationed at this time. Then the three 4 axle GE’s will take the train west to Chicago. One EMD spoils the sound of the GE’s. The second clip is at Keystone S bend, and its the 137, which was following the 135. Thanks for watching. Jackmp294
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Chuggington – Wilson Takes Food to the Tunnel Workers Episode – Big Interactive Railway Playset

Hi chuggers, Wilson Takes Food to the Tunnel Workers and is so tired after a hard days work that he went to rest in Koko’s shed and put the hopper car in his shed! Oh dear! 🙂 Watch Wilson on his journey as he helps make sure the tunnel workers are not left hungry by kindly transporting containers of food supplies. Good job Wilson! 🙂 This Chuggington episode features the awesome Chuggington Interactive Railway playset from Learning Curve. Chugginton toys are a lot of fun, especially the big rail track playsets! The childrens series is set in the fictional town of Chuggington, and follows the adventures of 6 young novice railway anthropomorphic locomotives, (or “Trainees”,) named Wilson, Brewster, Koko, Hoot, Toot and Piper. Throughout each episode the Trainees learn the value of loyal friendship, telling the truth, listening carefully, persisting under adversity, completing tasks, resolving conflict without violence, and many similar important life values. In the show, the locomotives, called “Chuggers”, are all intelligent, empathetic, independent and self-directed, with mobile facial features. None of the Chuggers are ever seen to have a crew, although there are several human characters that the Chuggers interact with regularly. This despite the fact that many of the chuggers have crew doors which the chuggers can open and close on their own. Each chugger tends to talk in ways that emphasize their distinct personalities. The town of Chuggington has a central area of
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German DB ICE 3 High Speed Bullet Train 185 MPH (300 km/h) Flybys, in Cockpit, and Tunnel Video!!!

Some video clips I’ve taken of the amazing German ICE 3 train traveling at its maximum service speed of 185 MPH or 300 km/h. Includes cockpit footage of passing another ICE going 185 MPH for a 370 MPH / 600 km/h closing speed! Also includes footage running along the A3 Autobahn between Montabaur and Frankfurt. Includes footage passing through the Limburg Süd station at full speed.

A train whizzes by entering LEGO tunnel bridge. Miniature Electric Train Exhibits at the Nixon Presidential Library

A train whizzes by entering LEGO tunnel bridge. Miniature Electric Train Exhibits at the Nixon Presidential Library
lionel trains
Image by DominusVobiscum
A train whizzes by entering LEGO tunnel bridge. The Richard Nixon Presidential Library yearly Christmas season miniature electric train exhibit of Antique and LEGO miniature trains, villages. Displays include videos, memorabilia – Two rooms of running trains in villages, mountains and cities. 1) The Atrium Southern California LEGO Train Club (SCLTC) exhibit. 2) The special exhibit room of Lionel and other collector electric trains, in action and on display. Some Wind-up Robots and toys are also included.

Driving my train into the tunnel?

Question by dr strangelove: Driving my train into the tunnel?
I have a really nice collection of German model HO trains. They are all “Epoch I ” models, meaning they are models of railroads before about 1920. I like to drive them over the bridges, and around the curves, but I really love to drive my steam engine and a load of freight cars through the tunnels, as living in Germany there are lots of Mountains and tunnels here. Anyone else have trains, and what scale do you have?

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Answer by paul67337
i didn’t have a train set, but i had a rocket. my biggest rocket was about 36″ long, and the tip of my rocket was about 8″. in other words, my rockets 8″ tip was bigger than the overall length of most every other rocket. it was real popular.

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Tree Tunnel — G-Scale Model Trains at the Cheekwood Botanical Garden Nashville (TN) July 2011

Tree Tunnel — G-Scale Model Trains at the Cheekwood Botanical Garden Nashville (TN) July 2011

Image by Ron Cogswell
Image by Ron Cogswell on July 19, 2011, using a Nikon D80 and minor Photoshop effects.