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What is the difference between a BELT line and a TRUNK line?

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Question by trainboy765: What is the difference between a BELT line and a TRUNK line?
I was flipping through some old Model Train magazines, and I came across an article about how this guy made a layout where there was an interchange between a City Belt Line and a Trunk Line.

I get that a Belt line connects the different railroads in the city to each other (Like the Belt Railway of Chicago, or the Indiana Harbor Belt) but I dont know what a TRUNK line really is (like the Grand Trunk Western). Can someone explain to me what one is? I would rather appreciate it. =]

Best answer:

Answer by Silverstang
Just sounds like the names they just used to identify which train ran which route.

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Vintage Grand Trunk Western Trains In Chicago 1989

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Here we have a inbound GTW train arriving from Michigan, see if you can count how many cars go around the gates we are standing in Evergreen Park,IL. Next up we are at Alsip,Illinois notice again how many cars go around the gates before this train headed for Michigan comes roaring by with his nice M3R1 ! Then we are another location where we see a Westbound CN and a Eastbound GTW at the same time the CN has a nice Airchime M3H. Then we see the Eastbound with a nice Leslie S3LR0 horn.

Grand Trunk (GT) switcher and boxcars

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Grand Trunk (GT) switcher and boxcars

Image by roy.luck
Daddy’s model train set, still running strong after 25+ years

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