Bluebell Railway – First Public Trip on Ardingly Branch since 1963

Yes, see what’s “Round the Bend” in Horsted Keynes! This was the first trip of the day hence the first public trip on part of the Ardingly branch from Horsted Keynes since closure of the electric service from Haywards Heath in 1963. A brake car trip pulled by Fenchurch which takes an express non-stop trip South through Horsted Keynes Station and on to the start of the Ardingly branch on 15th August 2009. Here we see some of the stock awaiting restoration stored on the parallel line before stopping (fortunately !) at the beginning of the gap where the missing Sheriff Mill viaduct was blown up by the army. You can also see two service trains and the diesel loco hidden away behind the scenes. As you can see the track was rusty and unused. Trip in aid of the Northern Extension Fund which hopes to reconnect with East Grinstead main line. Tickets cost just £3 and represented excellent value. After getting to East Grinstead and a bit of a rest, we hope the Bluebell will push Westwards to Ardingly and eventually back to Haywards Heath! This would give a spare route to the coast in event of an incident on the main London line and could be a “nice little earner” for the Bluebell. The large mound between the Sheffield Park and Ardingly lines is the site of the new “picnic area” created with some of the spoil from the Northern tip. It will be a great place for photographers – as long as the inevitable fencing isn’t too intrusive! Sorry about the video quality, I only had my still

NICE SOUND: Intelligent locomotive (a trip along the Rhine)

This OEBB class 1116 electric locomotive plays some kind of music when it accelerates. Plus other passenger and freight trains in Southern Germany, including a journey in an Austrian dining car when it passes the famous Loreley rock. Watch for yourself … Ua: Dieser ÖBB Taurus spielt eine Tonleiter beim Anfahren in Mainz Hbf. Außerdem: Linke Rheinstrecke, Stuttgart Hbf ua ********** freight passenger train güterzug railroad züge railfan Eisenbahn Bahn trainspotting österreichische bundesbahnen speisewagen dining car wien budapest dortmund 146 stuttgart hbf frankfurt frankfurt/main main rhein rheinstrecke bingen st. goar loreley bacharach koblenz lützel DBmuseum DB Museum ET430 ET 430 30 electric locomotive passenger freight train

Trip Around Lauritzen Gardens Model Railroad – pt 1 of 3

Enjoy the trip around the seven levels of Omaha’s Botanical Gardens G Scale Model Railway exhibit. Each trip will take between two and five minutes as we chug across covered bridges, through tunnels, and over twenty five foot high trestles! On this edition we will be traveling the Big Boy Line and the Passenger Line. These are the upper most two levels on this beautiful garden railroad. The garden was meticulously handcrafted by landscape designer Paul Busse and his team at Kentucky-based Applied Imagination. See The garden’s structural elements are constructed of natural materials such as leaves, twigs, bark, berries, pinecones, gourds and cinnamon sticks. It includes stunning reproductions of natural landscapes as well as recognizable buildings and landmarks seen in and around Omaha. The flora throughout the exhibit includes live plants, trees and shrubs – all scaled to size – and continuously manicured. Due to many generous donations, this model railroad garden exists. I’d like to thank everyone who made this possible! It truly is a wonderful place. Note* The Big Boy was out of commission due to one of the bridges on that line having a break in one of the tension cables. The engine alone weighs eighty-five pounds, so there is a potential of it crashing to the ground when crossing the bridge. As a substitute, I ran two GP9’s. All the trains make their own noises. Magnets in the track tell the train when to set off a bell or whistle.