Loose Ties #1/4, Mobile Modular All-Gauge Model RR Display

This video (Part 1/4) shows the Loose Ties Model RR Club “Mobile Modular All-Gauge Train Display” operating in December 2006 near its hometown of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. In addition to operating the display, the club also conducts a drawing for 4 train sets. Tickets for the drawing are given FREE to any children visiting the display. [===] This layout showcases operating model trains in all common sizes. There is 1 Z scale train. There are 2 trains in each of the following scales: N scale, HO scales, S gauge, and O gauge. On the floor are 4 largescale trains. A 2-track “automatic yard” on the outside of the two G Scale loops automatically controls 3 trains on the same track. The layout as shown in this video, is the LARGEST configuration it has ever been built. Note that Part #4/4 shows a SMALLER configuration, built to fit into a smaller space. [====] RELATED LINKS: www.LooseTies.com – Loose Ties Home Page – links to YouTube & QuickTime videos, and still photos #1 (this video) #2/4: www.youtube.com – 2nd half of this Dec 2006 video. #3/4: www.youtube.com – Danville Kids Xmas Trains 12/2006 #4/4: www.youtube.com – 5/2007, smaller setup – to fit inside Millersburg restored train station. This video was assembled by JamesRobertIngram.com for LooseTies.com (description revised 5/10/07).
Video Rating: 4 / 5