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How exactly were Asian people treated throughout the history of America? Even today?

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Question by meOh: How exactly were Asian people treated throughout the history of America? Even today?
All of our history text-books focused only on the European people and the African people, but never made any reference to Asian people.
I know most Asians came during the Gold Rush, but were they treated badly like how African people were? Were they treated differently after the civil war?

Best answer:

Answer by Bachelorette
The Civil War which was between the North and South had no effect on how Asians were treated.Also, there was a higher concentration of Asians living in the West at that time because they helped build the railroads.
Asians were not treated nearly as badly as Africans but thousands of Japanese citizens were unfairly placed in concentration camps after Pearl Harbor. The concentration camps weren’t anything like the death and work camps in Europe that the Jews were in such as Auschwitz or Sobibhor(sp), but they like the Jews were put there against their will.
They weren’t treated well at all when they were put to work on the railroads. The Asians built the railroads from West to East and I believe the Irish built from East to West. I might be wrong about the Irish part though I haven’t been in a history class in a while lol.
Almost forgot about the “Gentlemen’s Agreement” which was an act passed by Congress I believe it had something to do with preventing more Asians from entering the country.

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