Lionel – Building a Train Table

Building a layout is a project that brings a family together because there’s something to do for everyone. Kids learn to work with their hands and about the basics of electricity, carpentry, painting, and how to create scenery. These are skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. Grown-ups in the family will have fun, too. We will walk you through all the steps on how to build the table from scratch.
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Double Decker Train Table with Wooden Train Set & Toys

Visit to see the Double Decker Train Table. It lets you play on 3 levels! Set up toys and save them for later. Our double sided play top with reversible chalkboard surface will hide them in a safe place while you play other games on top. The perfect solution for kids who love to play with lots of great toys.

Indoor Large Scale Model Trains: Making a simple table top with storage.

Sometimes you need to run your Garden Trains inside, especially where it snows. Come see how we used some plastic shelving you can find at any home improvement store to create some simple to assembly counter tops for running your Large Scale Trains inside, or really even outside for a show. You can place them many different ways and create an easy way to run your trains. Plus if you ever need to take it down you can and you will have some great shelving to use for storage. No waste of materials.
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Wooden Train Set Childrens Activity Play Table KidKraft 17851

Our Wooden train set table makes playtime much more fun and it provides a solid base for all wooden train sets or even toy garages. This Kidkraft 17851 childrens activity play table will make assembling brio or other wooden train track and playing with thomas and friends even more fun

Zoo Table Z-scale Model Railway/Railroad Train Layout

A model railway that is a train moving through sections of a zoo representing summer, fall, winter and spring. The layout is built into a glass-top side table, about 18″ in diameter. The animals are N-scale but the train is a Marklin Z-scale model as the train represents one of those small trains that run around zoos.
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