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Amtrak Superliners With Private Cars.

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Amtrak action at the Elmhurst Model Railroad Club. This train features 2 Kato F40ph’s, 2 Kato MHC’s, Rapido smooth side baggage, 3 Kato Sleepers, Kato Diner, Kato Lounge, 2 Kato Coaches, 1 Kato Coach-Baggage, and two private cars. Walther’s Milwaukee Road Super Dome, and Kato CB&Q Business Car.

Amtrak P40DC #837 With Superliners Demo (HO Scale)

Friday, November 4th, 2011

***Watch in High Quality*** **ALL MEAN AND RUDE COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED AND YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE BLOCKED!** As requested by YouTube users Trainlover4ever2006 & traxxasdummies, here is a demo of my HO scale phase III Amtrak P40DC #837 with two phase IV Superliners. Im sorry that an update hasn’t come in such a long time for my layout. But on Christmas Day, 2009 I received a brand-new TECH 4 MRC 260 DC controller which gives out an enormous amount of power to the layout and I also got a brand-new MRC Symphony 77 train sound system. Enjoy! Trainlover4ever2006: traxxasdummies: © Saturday March 20th, 2010 Train538 Productions. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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