N Scale train layout 36″ X 80″ w/ Superior Paper & Kraft Mill & Glacier Gravel

This is an N scale model railroad. I found this layout in “TheTrain.org David’s world of N-Scale. While most of the trackage and some of the buildings are the same, the simularity ends there. All of the scenery is new and some of the internal buildings are new to the layout. Currentyl two trains are running in DC mode simultaneously, one has sound which can be heard in the video. The layout will be converted to DCC in the near future. This video was captured on my Verizon Blackberry on 8/26/2010 and runs for about 7-1/2 minutes. I’m retired and do model trains as a hobby. This layout took about a year to complete as a part-time project. Everything is still pretty pristine. I haven’t aged the buildinds, trains and layout yet. I’m “N_ScaleGuy” on Twitter. I’d like to hear from train modelers & share train videos.
Video Rating: 5 / 5