Dans Lionel Super O …running ..Passanger Cars

Finally got some Passenger Cars for the layout! Lionel ..painted the trucks black … Notice test run only (no Passengers till approved) Using TMCC and Lionel Super O.. Able to run three trains on main level.. One on the lower trolley on the upper level. also a inspection van on the side..8 remote switches and two manual switches .. Able to move trains from inside to the outer side with out lifting a train.. Reports of a space rocket pad and area is reportedly waiting for approval at the zoning hearing.. stay tuned..

1980s Super Turbo Train

Video of a Tyco HO scale train set I found at a thrift store and set up in my basement. Footage of Train POV was staged, however, footage of speed of train on track was not altered. Train is held to track with magnets. Sort of did this video as an exercise to see how to edit “action”. Also, wanted a record of the train running because I doubt I will ever set it up again.
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what year was the model 8739 life like super chief train set produced it is ho scale and looks fairly old?

Question by return2mtn72: what year was the model 8739 life like super chief train set produced it is ho scale and looks fairly old?
I was rummaging through old toys of mine and I wanted to see how old this was.

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Answer by S
I would contact the experts, husband says “sounds like around mid-50 or 60’s”
Life-like is no longer in business, Walthers bought them in 2005 so getting them to find out would be a chore. NMRA does research, you can ask them for more information.

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