Switching Lionel Subways in HD!

Watch in HD! First, the Lionel Legacy R30 leaves the elevated main line and travels down the ramp to the ground level yard. Once the R30 Redbird stops in the yard, the Lionel Legacy R16 leaves the yard and heads up the ramp to the mainline. Once on the main, the doors open for a station stop then heads into Mt. Mchugh. All the action is on the 2011 Pearl River Train Show O Gauge Toy/Subway layout.

Views on a massive transit system in the U.S., Trains, Electric Trollys, and More SUB-WAYS?

Question by Jenny: Views on a massive transit system in the U.S., Trains, Electric Trollys, and More SUB-WAYS?
Since Americans can’t afford to pay at the pump anymore, and pay their insurance, and vehicle payments, with the rate hikes in home heating cost’s, and Electricity, food, water, etc., etc.. Is this a viable way to improve our infrastructure, and allow Americans to be able to work?

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Answer by TishaTiger
yes it is, i think. its sort of like carpooling you know. and it helps provide jobs. and it may even cut the cost of gasoline, if more people pooled together and used community transportation, they would have to lower the cost of gasoline simply because we aren’t using it. and the cost of automobiles would lower, causing the country to import less, which would reduce the cost of taxes. so yes i def. agree that it would help.

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Running Lionel and MTH O Gauge Trains and Subways in HD

Watch in HD! Running Lionel and MTH Trains and subways on the Bergen County Model Railroad Club’s home layout. On the outside main line we have my Lionel 20th Century Limited. It is led by Century Club II New York Central 4-8-4 Niagara pulling 3 Lionel express milk cars, a Weaver RPO and 7 Heavyweights (Baggage, Combine, Sleeper, Sleeper, Diner, Sleeper, Observation.) On the inner line is a set of MTH Railking New York, New Haven and Hartford (New Haven) Electric MU’s. On the elevated line we have a set of 6 MTH Railking LO-V’s and a set of R62’s heading to Yankee Stadium.
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