Old But Still Running

Old But Still Running
electric trains
Image by bbusschots
Electric Multiple Units 161 and 701 crossing the bridge over the river Nete in Duffel on their way towards Antwerp. The EMU we see best in this shot is number 161 which is at the back of the train. This is one of the oldest class of train still working in Belgium. These NMBS/SNCB Class AM62 EMUs were built in 1962. If you’re wondering why this shot is a little grainy, it’s because it was shot on Kodak Gold Zoom 800 with my old Olympus OM-1.

I still need an answer to my previous Matchbox question?

Question by willrupe: I still need an answer to my previous Matchbox question?
I recently bought a Matchbox item at a local dollar store. I want to buy an additional eleven identical contemporary red farm tractors to serve as flat car loads for my HO scale model trains. Matchbox is unable to help me achieve this goal. Going from store to store and buying one at a time is not a viable option either. The question remains “How do I buy multiple pieces of an identical item at one time?” I would like the price to remain very near the level marked on the front of the original packaging. Yours respectfully, William Rupert willrupe@yahoo.com

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Answer by mynydd_mor
have you tried larger toy stores like toys r us? have you looked on ebay? i’ve bought specific matchbox items on there…

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does lionel still make standard gauge trains?

Question by garchompagin: does lionel still make standard gauge trains?
ive never heard of lionel still making standard gauge trains

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Answer by Gerry
N gauge/scale HO gauge/scale
O gauge/scale Standard gauge/scale G gauge/Railking 1 Gauge

Model trains are produced in a variety of sizes, usually referred to as “gauge” and/or “scale”. The Hobby Shop maintains a large selection of model electric trains in the six most popular sizes throughout the entire year. In addition to complete sets, locomotives, and rolling stock, we are pleased to also offer accessories, power supplies, scenery, tools and maintenance equipment. In brief, all that you will need for creating a miniature railroad empire for a lifetime of pleasure and happiness. It is through model railroading that adults and children alike develop many valuable skills which carry on through all aspects of a person’s lifestyle – planning, accomplishment, technology, sharing, and family values – to name just a few.

Scale vs. Gauge: If you are new to the hobby, you’ll quickly notice how the sizes of the trains on display differ from each other – the words tiny, small, medium and large quickly come to mind. This is due to what we call “scale”, in which the size of a model has definite proportions when shrunk down from real life. In ascending order, from tiny to large, we offer train items in N, HO, S, O, STD and G scales. We’ll have more to say about this in their respective sections below. “Gauge” is the other term commonly used to refer to model sizes. Actually, gauge is the width of railroad track as measured from the inside of the outer rails. Since the proportions of any particular gauge and scale tend to be a relational constant, the terms are frequently used interchangeably. As a general rule, people who purchase ready-to-run equipment enjoy using the term “gauge” whereas “scale” is preferred by those who do a lot of model building from kits or other raw material.


N gauge is the smallest size that we carry in the shop. With a proportion of 1:160, these models are about half the length of HO trains (at 1:87) as well as being half as wide and half as tall. Less space is required for a railway layout making N gauge a definite choice for apartment dwellers or others who only have room for a small operation, a typical size being 3’x4′. Just about everything in N gauge is sold as ready-to-run. At The Hobby Shop we feature items produced by Atlas, Bachmann, Model Power & Life Like.

HO gauge is about twice the size of N gauge (and about half the size of O gauge) and offers considerable appeal for those who want a layout in a moderate amount of space (4’x8′ as a typical size) or for people who are very scale detail oriented. In fact, for years HO has been the gauge for truly accurate replicas of railroad locomotives and rolling stock. The variety of equipment available these days is tremendous – just look at the Walters catalog on the rack! We offer HO equipment that is primarily ready-to-run, the perfect way to get started in this fascinating scale/gauge. Our selection features products as produced by leading companies such as Atlas, Bachmann, Model Power & Life Like.

S gauge has recently re-emerged from the second half of the 20th century, having been created by the A.C. Gilbert Mfg. Company and marketed as American Flyer. In addition to its unique size; 1:64 scale, being larger than “HO” and smaller than “O” scale, American Flyer boasted realism because of it’s 2 rail track. Lionel, the standard bearer of the last century was the competition for all of the others during that last period and it ran on these (3) rail tracks, and still does today. Recently, a New Jersey based company named S Helper Service has come on the scene offering an increasing line of scale offerings for the S scale collectors who prefer the 1:64 scale for realism and space constraints. The Hobby Shop is an authorized dealer for S Helper Service trains.

O gauge brings a heavy dose of nostalgia to many of our customers when they first see our enormous train layout in operation at The Hobby Shop. Many parents (and grandparents, too,) have fond memories of these colorful trains running on track with a third rail down the middle! They remember that the trains of their youth were big, went fast, made lots of noise, and didn’t get damaged in an occasional derailment. Well, we have good news and better news! The good news is that most of the great features of years gone by are still with us. The better news is that O gauge is bigger and better than ever. A half dozen manufacturers are now in the picture and quality is higher than it ever has been. New names, unheard of a generation ago, abound – M.T.H. Electric Trains, K-Line, Atlas, Weaver, and Williams have joined standard bearer Lionel Trains in providing a virtual cornucopia of goodies to cater to all tastes and price ranges. You, too, can start an O gauge empire with as little as a 4’x8′ layout!

M.T.H may be the “new kid on the block” but their policy of continuing innovation is a basic principle to their success. For instance, their recent Premier steam engines have been widely praised as the best die-cast steamers ever made, demonstrating their commitment to improving the quality of their existing product lines. A pioneer in many ways, M.T.H was the first to produce today’s popular “subway series” with their line of underground subway cars. And don’t forget, The Hobby Shop is an M.T.H AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER.

Lionel has been the standard bearer for over a century and they are committed to providing their customers with superior-quality products and service. A banner year is promised for this year with major new products in the works that Lionel claims will be truly “must haves” for most of their loyal supporters.

You may also wish to visit the Lionel web site. Click to http://www.lionel.com

We carry a large selection from the above O gauge manufacturers, E-Mail your requests to Sales@hobbyshopnj.com
Standard gauge goes way back to the early 1900’s, being produced by companies such as Lionel, Ives, American Flyer, Dorfan and a few smaller companies. Many of these trains still exist and are highly prized, sought after and collected by many collectors. In the late 1980’s, Richard P. Kughn, who owned the Lionel Corporation at that time, reproduced many of the best items of the Standard gauge era. Under than name of Lionel Classics. Today Mike Wolfe of M.T.H. Trains continues this effort by offering many standard gauge items under the name of Tinplate Traditions. The Hobby Shop has a growing supply of standard gauge trains and accessories for these collectors.

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Are “Z” guage model trains still sold, all I see is HO. N, O etc?

Question by Major Break Through: Are “Z” guage model trains still sold, all I see is HO. N, O etc?

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Answer by mike1942f
Google ‘z scale model trains’ for many replies

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