Where can I get a Bachmann Spectrum HO scale model shay locomotive repaired?

Question by Ben E: Where can I get a Bachmann Spectrum HO scale model shay locomotive repaired?
I was wondering where I could send in this model train to be repaired. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by railbuff
First, what;s wrong With it?
Bachmann’s warranty may cover the broken part. Contact them. They also might provide a list of dealers who will be able to handle this for you. (All this true for any reputable manufacturer.)
Second: What resources are nearby. A model train shop. A model railroad club? A person you know knowledgeable. Use them before you try something you are not comfortable doing yourself.
Finally: Are you an NMRA member? If you are, there is all sorts of on-line help and chat groups who can give you advice on your model railroad problem.
If you are not a member, go to nmra.org for more info. (National Model Railroad Association).

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Bachmann Spectrum Amtrak Acela Train

The Acela is Amtrak’s high speed train that runs on the north east corridor from Washington DC to Boston. It uses tilting technology for a smoother ride and can run up to 150 mph. This Bachmann Spectrum Acela Train features a powered loco, dummy loco, first class car, cafĂ© car and four business class cars. The model has an interior selector switch for choice between rail or pantograph operation, diecast gear towers and chassis, 5 pole skew-sound precision balanced motor, working operational headlights, ditchlights and makers, operating doors, tilting chassis to travel smoothly around curves at high speeds, flush windows, lighted interiors, finescale interior detail, including passenger seats and tables. A great train that runs smoothly and impressively.