2010-08-18 [Tōkaidō Freight Line] EF210-134 + TaKi, Special Freight 5681

東海道貨物線下りEF210形電気機関車(ECO-POWER桃太郎)134号機+タキ1000形タンク車+タキ44000形タンク車による石油輸送返空用専用貨物列車5681。2010年8月18日、浜川崎駅にて撮影。 Special Freight train 5681 for returning empty cars …
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2010-08-28 [Tōkaidō Freight Line] EH200-5 + Class TaKi 43000, Special Freight 5462

東海道貨物線上りEH200形電気機関車(ECO-POWERブルーサンダー)5号機+タキ43000形タンク車による石油輸送返空用専用貨物列車5462。2010年8月18日、浜川崎駅にて撮影。 Special Freight train 5462 for returning empty cars after oil …
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Do you need special acrylic paints when using a Badger Double Action Airbrush?

Question by Jacob: Do you need special acrylic paints when using a Badger Double Action Airbrush?
Hello. Along with my interest in roller coasters I love HO Scale model trains. And when Kitbashing, I need to paint/weather my engines, cars & buildings. Now, I do not have an airbrush yet, but I am getting a Badger 150 Double Action airbrush kit, and I have learned that for model RR’ing acrylic paints work very well. But, I do not know if they will harm my airbrush. So I am asking you. Thank you in advance! :-{)

Best answer:

Answer by Robert S
Acrylic paints will NOT harm your airbrush. I use Tamiya Acrylics, as well as Testors Model Master Enamels and Flo-Quil Enamels.

Just test alittle with thinning the paint, and ALWAYS thoroughly clean your airbrush after work (see manufacturers directions).

I use 3 Badger 150’s and a air-gun… Personally, I prefer using enamels… but acrylics work just fine.

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Special Agent OSO RR Rapide Command Center

The Special Agent Oso RR Rapide Command Center, the high-speed rail car that delivers Oso to his special assignments, is full of surprises! Rapide opens up to reveal a command center complete with an automatic jet pack loader, an elevating captain’s chair, and a motorcycle launcher! Inspired by Disney’s Special Agent Oso, Rapide talks, lights up and carries all of the gear necessary for Oso to complete his assignments. RR Rapide expands up to 3 feet long and comes with Oso, Wolfie, 2 jet packs, and a collectable Digi Medal. www.learningcurve.com

What are 6 aspects of a special forces team?

Question by Ti-Reece V: What are 6 aspects of a special forces team?
So I’m writing a novel about a team of special forces soldiers and I was wondering if each soldier were trained with a specific trait benefiting team what are some skills that each one could posses. Things like one of the soldiers being good at stealth operations and such. So I would need 6 “skill sets” for each one of the soldiers.

Best answer:

Answer by Lilly Jane
Hmmm. I have no real military background, but here’re some important skills that might come in handy 🙂

-The Leader: obviously he leads the team, makes executive decisions, etc.

-The Right Hand Man: Underling to the Leader, helps him organize the rest of the team

-The Sniper: Takes care of sniping away the enemy

-The Tech/Weapons Guy: In charge of maintaining/fixing guns and stuff during the fight

-The Medic: Takes care of the injured in the group

-The Spy/Linguist: If there are any clandestine operations, he’ll take care of them

Good luck! Hope this helped 🙂

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