Bachmann Class 55 Deltic DCC Sound

In this video I’ll take you through all the functions except function 11 which is for the sound volume control. In the next video i’ll show it shutting down. The Super detailing pack that comes with the loco has been fitted, I’ve yet to fit the brass etched name plates that also come as standard. The coaches are by Bachmann & were a limited edition for Harburn hobbies & Model Rail (magazine), all now sold out.
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NICE SOUND: Intelligent locomotive (a trip along the Rhine)

This OEBB class 1116 electric locomotive plays some kind of music when it accelerates. Plus other passenger and freight trains in Southern Germany, including a journey in an Austrian dining car when it passes the famous Loreley rock. Watch for yourself … Ua: Dieser ÖBB Taurus spielt eine Tonleiter beim Anfahren in Mainz Hbf. Außerdem: Linke Rheinstrecke, Stuttgart Hbf ua ********** freight passenger train güterzug railroad züge railfan Eisenbahn Bahn trainspotting österreichische bundesbahnen speisewagen dining car wien budapest dortmund 146 stuttgart hbf frankfurt frankfurt/main main rhein rheinstrecke bingen st. goar loreley bacharach koblenz lützel DBmuseum DB Museum ET430 ET 430 30 electric locomotive passenger freight train

Polar Express with sound

The most watched Lionel Polar Express on Youtube. Lionel O gauge Polar Express with a Railsounds tender. Die meistgesehene Lionel Polar Express auf Youtube. Lionel Spur 0 Polar Express mit einem Railsounds tender. Le plus regardé Lionel Polar Express sur Youtube. Lionel echelle 0 Polar Express avec un tender Railsounds. Il più visto Lionel Polar Express su Youtube. Lionel scala 0 Polar Express con Railsounds. El más visto de Lionel Polar Express en Youtube. Lionel escala 0 Polar Express con Railsounds.

Can I add a sound to our yahoo group page?

Question by : Can I add a sound to our yahoo group page?
We are a model railroad group and I wanted to have engine sounds when the site is accessed.

Best answer:

Answer by crazy_mom2_1
years ago you could but thanks to those who added malicious scripts, Yahoo disabled that. No Yahoo group can have sound, sorry

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Modern HO Trains with Sound Decoders part 3

Clip features runby’s of CSX, NS, and UP modern freight trains. The layout featured belongs to the Central Florida Model Railroaders in Orlando, FL. Layout is equipped with Digitrax DCC and has an interactive CTC system that can either be controlled in CTC mode or ABS mode. Signals were set to ABS mode at the time of this recording Extra notes: Audio is natural sound from the model’s sound decoders. I am not aware of the types of sound decoders installed so please don’t ask. I will update that info once I talk with the owner of the equipment again. Central Florida Railroad Modelers on the Web: All footage recorded by JR Davis in 2009.
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Indian Railways sight and sound spectacular

This video is a compilation of short pieces taken (with permission ) from the channels of four Indian Railway videographers. I find the Indian Railways fascinating to watch and enjoy the videos coming out of the country. It was that which prompted me to put this piece together for others to enjoy and perhaps share the amazing scenes that one sees there. There’s not too many places in the railway world that you can still hear the steady chug of an ALCO , a modern EMD or the whine of a big electric all in the same place. India has got the lot. The work is compiled in no particular order of merit or favourites but simply as it was taken down from Youtube. It has been “bordered” because it was a mix of standard definition at 480p and high definition at 720p. It was edited to fit together neatly and to retain as much quality as possible for rendering at HD 720p. Some small amounts of tweaking were done to enhance contrast and exposure but it is basically as shot. Considerable tweaking was done to provide stereo sound effects. The work comes from the following Youtube channels :- I thank the guys for letting me use their work to put this together.