Indian Railways sight and sound spectacular

This video is a compilation of short pieces taken (with permission ) from the channels of four Indian Railway videographers. I find the Indian Railways fascinating to watch and enjoy the videos coming out of the country. It was that which prompted me to put this piece together for others to enjoy and perhaps share the amazing scenes that one sees there. There’s not too many places in the railway world that you can still hear the steady chug of an ALCO , a modern EMD or the whine of a big electric all in the same place. India has got the lot. The work is compiled in no particular order of merit or favourites but simply as it was taken down from Youtube. It has been “bordered” because it was a mix of standard definition at 480p and high definition at 720p. It was edited to fit together neatly and to retain as much quality as possible for rendering at HD 720p. Some small amounts of tweaking were done to enhance contrast and exposure but it is basically as shot. Considerable tweaking was done to provide stereo sound effects. The work comes from the following Youtube channels :- I thank the guys for letting me use their work to put this together.

Diploma Scales =Where can I get the RCM Grade 9,10 and above Syllabus for Scales and Sight Reading?

Question by Aurelia: Diploma Scales =Where can I get the RCM Grade 9,10 and above Syllabus for Scales and Sight Reading?
Where can I get RCM’s Grade 9,10,11 and 12 syllabus?
I want to look at the Aural, Scales and Sight reading Component.
I am currently doing the new syllabus for ATCL where its evaluation is 90% performance and 10% program notes.
I feel that the new syllabus is handicapped in terms of technique developement and I still need the old ATCL / Dip Ab / RCM syllabus for scales and arpeggios to push my finger technique and sight reading and ear training for overall musical development.
I don’t just want another certificate but overall technique and musicality.

I am currently doing ABRSM Grade 8 scales which I played for my exam at minim = 88. I am thinking to push my speed to 90 or 96 or more.
Arppegios – I improvised my Grade 8 Arppegios to play them in 3rds and 6ths.
I am also playing major scales in 3rds from Hanon in C, D, F, G, A, Major Double Octave scales ,and chromatic scales in 3rds and 6ths.

This is all so confusing,I feel that it is easier to have a specific exam syllabus to refer to as then I will know how far or how much to practise in the correct way and correct expected speed at this level. A booklet of diploma scales will be handy and much appreciated!

thanks a million!!!!!

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Answer by Chinese Cowboy
You can buy the syllabus from

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