ho model train sidewalk in inches?

Question by robert c: ho model train sidewalk in inches?
also the size of the street

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Answer by Tom S
The actual size of a curb will vary depending on the type of street but would be about 6 – 8 inches. A street width will vary greatly depending whether it is a city street, neighborhood street, country road, street with parking, multilane street, etc. Once you decide what type of street you use 12 feet for the width of a lane. A two lane street with parking on both sides would be about 48 feet.

48 feet street / 87 = .55 inches on your model

HO uses a scale of 1 to 87. In other words, whatever you are modeling will be 1/87 of the actual size. If the curb you are modeling is 6 inches tall then on your model it would be:

6 inches / 87 = .07 inches.

The easiest way measure this is to get a ruler from a hobby store which has HO scale measurements. You will then just read 6 inches on your HO scale ruler and won’t have to make and conversions. If you street is 48 feet in the real world just read 48 feet on your ruler.

You can find rulers here:

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