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06.14.11 Weathered 3 HOT Frisco HO GP38 engines & Sharing other RR Projects

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

I had to re-edit this video to add the pictures at the end because I forgot to thte first time and posted the video. Thank god it was only posted for about an hour and olny 121 people saw it that way. So here is the EXTENDED version to those of you who saw the previous video!

Polar Express & Thomas Sharing the same Track

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

My demonstration of running one conventional and one TMCC train on the same line at the same time (“transitional mode”). You are limited by the conventional train (Thomas in this video) because if you change voltage that effects both engines so you don’t do that, but the TMCC remote let’s you slow down the TMCC train if needed. Normally I run both trains slower, but for this video, it was more challenging at faster speeds. I estimate track voltage at around 12 volts which is enough to keep both trains moving at a good speed. Ideally, you want just enough voltage to run both trains, with the conventional one not flying off the tracks when it’s by itself.

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