Lionel BNSF SD70ACe – First on YouTube!

My first video to top 10000 views! Here’s my brand-new Lionel BNSF SD70ACe pulling a train on my permanent O scale layout. The engine is Legacy control equipped, and I’m operating the loco under TMCC. The engine is VERY detailed, the RailSounds are great, and the engine runs very smoothly. It is beautiful !! This video shows the SD70ACe going through its moves, from starting out, a couple run-bys, a pacing shot, and the engine stopping and shutting down. Since I shot this video, I’ve seen the actual BNSF 9380 (leading a train too), making this engine a lot more special to me!
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GM SD70ACe Freight train Ausfahrt

GM SD70ACe’s Von Athearn Genesis DCC/w Sound bei einer Ausfahrt. Auf der Anlage “Shasta Division” von einem guten Freund. Aufnahmedatum 21. November 2010 ******************************************************************** GM’s SD70ACe From Athearn Genesis DCC / w sound at an exit. On the investment “Shasta Division” from a good friend. Recording date 21 November 2010
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Lionel Union Pacific CNW, Katy, and Missouri Pacific Heritage SD70ACe

This video features Lionel’s Union Pacific Chicago and North Western, Katy, and Missouri Pacific Heritage SD70ACe’s. The train these locomotives is pulling is made up of Lionel and MTH double stack cars and a MTH spline car. The three locomotives are being controlled as a lashup with Lionel Legacy.

Lionel Union Pacific Katy and Missouri Pacific Heritage SD70ACe

Here is a video of a Lionel Union Pacific Katy SD70 ACE and a Missouri Pacific SD70 ACE. Both locomotives are powered and are being ran as a lash up with Lionel Legacy. The train these locomotives are pulling is made up of Lionel an MTH double stack cars, and one MTH spline car. The first five cars in this train are made by Lionel, while the rest are made by MTH. And the End of Train Device on the last car is also made by MTH.

MTH HO SD70ACe Diesel Locomotive

MTH Electric Trains introduces the SD70ACe as our first HO scale diesel, offered in a large variety of accurate paint schemes including the six-engine Union Pacific heritage fleet. Each one-of-a-kind heritage fleet locomotive honors a fallen flag railroad that is now part of the Union Pacific system. Our highly detailed model includes a broader range of features than youll find on any other HO scale diesel, including operating flashing ditch lights; smooth performance from a three-scale-mile-per-hour crawl to full throttle; cruise control for steady speeds regardless of curves, switches and grades; built-in decoders for DCC and the MTH Digital Command System (DCS); and a full range of sounds recorded from a prototype Union Pacific SD70ACe. If youre looking for modern motive power thats accurately detailed (our tooling allows us to produce up to 12 different SD70ACe variations), smooth running, and a great deal of fun to operate, it doesnt get any better than this.

Mth CSX sd70ACe train set

Here is my 1st video! I had this CSX sd70ACe for 3 months and I love it. This is the only set I never had a problem with. I have a MTH Amtrak P42 # 75 and a MTH Amtrak B-32-bwh (Dash 8) # 516 – both are shorting out. I will film them when they are repaired. Overall I like and I will only buy MTH because my Lionel set had wheels falling off! -not my fault! Thank you for watching! Enjoy Please comment and subscribe! PS: I need ideas for a better layout, I appriciate your support! ************************************************************ As of 3/6/10 The dash 8 has been returned! *********************************************************** As of 7/26/10 Genesis returned nearly one year later. A long with my new premier Genesis. Ironic how I got two Phase IV Genesis’s in one day ************************************************************
Video Rating: 4 / 5