Electric Suburban Tait Trains Sandringham Line 1981

The Melbourne suburban Sandringham line, was in reality, the last line on which the Tait trains ran. This video shows trains arriving and departing Sandringhan station and Prahran station as well as some scenes near Balaclava and some footage of the obliging but tricky railway gates at Union Street level crossing at Windsor, which were as many others over the system, hand operated from a signal box via a big wheel and under road linkages As newer type suburban trains were being introduced to the suburban system, the Taits were relegated to the Sandringham line which is one of the shorter lines with practically no grades. Before a sufficient number of motor, or powered cars became available, the Taits were running on this line as six car trains with only two motored cars, or as three car trains with one motored. This made them slow in accelerating after stops but as the line had no hills, this was tolerated although I remember a shower of sparks coming from the pantograph and overhead on one at South Yarra at one time, when a driver obviouisly became impatient and gave it far too much power which didn’t make the difference he would have hoped for anyway. After enough motors were released, there were furthermore no such troubles. In earlier years, the Taits had run on the Sandringham and other lines, generally as seven car trains with three motors with two motors being able to form a four car set once thee cars were taken off. This always occurred at Flinders Sttreet