How much does the “Salt Lake Route” cost?

Question by How much does the “Salt Lake Route” cost?
I was thinking about building “the Salt Lake Route” by model railroader magazine. I am also aware that you can build it in both N and HO scales

So, how much does it cost to build the entire layout (minus the trains themselves)? If you could, please tell me how much it would be for each step… track, scenery, benchwork, buildings, ect. Also, please give me all sources………

Thanks for you help!

By the way, i would like you to give me the pricing in both scales but I am most interested in N-scale

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Answer by JB
Partial answer: Kato makes the “Salt Lake Route” Double track layout assortment, item #20-2010, in N scale. The MSRP (list price) is $ 760. It may be discounted at your local hobby shop or at web retailers.

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