Can anyone help me with information for building a garden railroad my children can ride on in my back yard?

Question by freeser: Can anyone help me with information for building a garden railroad my children can ride on in my back yard?
Information on the Power source for engine (Gas- Electric?)would be appreciated.

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Answer by jettalady
i wish i was your children that would be so much fun i think it will cost you alot of money you can also try model trains and have alot of tracks and trains going in different directions so your children can help you take care of the little town and help with the garden

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Quick Ride on Tionesta Valley Railway. Part 2

Here’s the rest of the loop until I ran out of memory… There are a couple of decent grades that aren’t really apparent in the video. Coming down around the loop and bridge, then climbing back up to the switch. The back from the Y headed back to the main yard. It’s not bad to ride it, but if you’re at the controls, you better be paying attention. The diesel isn’t too bad, but under steam you figure out if you’re a good operator or not! I enjoy it more than you can imagine.

Ride the Southern California Railway Eastbound with CTC Signals.wmv

Ride in the cab of a Southern California Railway locomotive. This layout models a Southern California railway circa 1964. Sights along the way include Orange Orchards, Fruit packing plants, Oil Refineries, Cement Plants and City streets. All signals and switches are controlled via an authentic Union Switch And Signal Centralized Traffic Control Machine.
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South West Train ride from London to Portsmouth HD

Watch in High Definition! As part of my recent trip to Europe, we rode a South West Trains Service from London Waterloo Station to Portsmouth Harbour Station in the port city of Portsmouth. The trains are powered by 3rd rail and move rapidly across the countryside. The video includes departing London Waterloo Station, several announcements, the interior of the train, bits and pieces of the ride, and arrival into Portsmouth Harbour Station. Visit for more awesome railfanning stuff! Enjoy!
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indiantrains@scenic train ride – vasai to diva (part 2/5)-crossing highway-kaman rd-thane-india

scenic train journey of indian railways between juchandra railway station to kaman road station…… for more videos from scenic diva – vasai rd route watch playlist…… vasai road – diva junction dmu trains are in thane district – maharashtra State – india & it connects central railway with western railway…… this journey is 40 km & very scenic,full of greenery with mountains views …….. the train covers this 40km journey in one hour……starts from vasai road & halts at juchandra, kaman road,kharbao, bhiwandi road,kopar stations & finally arrives at diva junction & vice versa….. to enjoy this journey one has to board train from vasai rd or diva junction……. Vasai road can be reached by any local train on western railway – chuchgate to virar trains…… distance from…… chuchgate – 52 k dadar – 42 km borivali – 18 km virar – 8 km dahanu road – 72 km diva junction can be reached by any local train on central railway – mumbai cst – kalyan route distance from…. mumbai cst – 42 km dadar – 33 km kurla – 27 km thane – 10 km kalyan – 11 km (video taken between juchandra & kaman road railway station – thane district – maharashtra state – india – asia)
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Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor Cab Ride – DVD

Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor Cab Ride Cab Ride – Washington DC to Philadelphia Pentrex is proud to present an exclusive look at Amtrak’s pride and joy, the Northeast Corridor. Produced with Amtrak’s cooperation, this video concludes our 3-part exploration of the electrified, heavily-trafficked south end of the line. Climb aboard AEM7 locomotive number 911 in Washington, DC for a cab ride to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the head of Metroliner Train 110. We’ll cover the entire route, often at speeds of 125 MPH! The big picture windows of the cab give you a clear view of what it’s like meeting passing trains at full throttle. With both trains doing 125 MPH, the closing speeds are an exciting 250 MPH! Amtrak’s constant maintenance and its manicured roadbed result in a smooth ride for the AEM7. You’ll be amazed as the Metroliner rolls trough a high-speed turnout at almost 70 MPH. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to ride in the cab of an AEM7 electric locomotive pulling Amtrak’s fastest trains, this is your opportunity to experience the thrill of it. Join us for a cab ride along Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor!
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