Why are some companies allowed regional monopolies?

Question by MthrNatures_Son: Why are some companies allowed regional monopolies?
I also am referring to near monopolies. Take the regional freight trains. Electric, phone, cable, gas companies. I’m sure their are others.

I’ve been in situations where companies like Time Warner Cable and Comcast will divide a region up so they are monopolies for as little as a few city block in NYC. Then they have more control over pricing with less competition available to the consumer.

Please forgive my inability to articulate this question well, I’m just wondering why we allow near monopolies to exist when they usually are bad for the consumer.

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Answer by Victor
Nielsen Media Research
Are there other rating companies?

They aren’t even US owned anymore.

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The Winter Valley Regional Railway – Main line action.

A day on the Winter Valley Regional Railway. We find Extra 9034, leased CN power, passing through Hudson’s Mill just as the sun comes up on a mid September morning in 1975. By 0900 she is racing through down town Pearson and the way to Winter Valley. The A/B”s will slow at a crossing outside of town and ease into the station while a pair of SW1200RS’s shift Ontario Northland cars onto a siding. The Winter Valley power, an SD40-2 and a GP9 will take over from here moving the load up through High Pass to Colder and then down to Grande Prairie. There they will fuel up, sort a few cars and move on out to Edmonton and the rest of the world.
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Regional ECML Eurostar

Regional ECML Eurostar
electric train sets
Image by JohnGreyTurner
During some of my ‘lost’ years I would take my lunch at Hitchin Station car-park just to ‘watch the trains go by’ and take the odd photograph. Here is Eurostar Regional set headed by 3301 passing Hitchin southbound on what looks like a crisp late autumnal day in 1996. This is a full 16/18 car set so would expect it is a trial as the proposed regional sets were in 9’s. I must admit not to have taken a lot of interest in Eurostar but I believe that if the Regional Services ever did get going they were short lived and eventually killed off by the coincidental advent of the low-cost airlines. Any more info would be appreciated.

The car park has some special memories though. A four-up pristine 47 convoy was one, but sadly unphotographed.