Trains and Farms: The Norfolk Southern Reading Line

The NS Reading Line runs through the center of eastern Pennsylvania farm communities, providing some of the best rural scenery in the state while watching trains. The former Reading mainline, which runs between Reading, PA and Allentown, PA, still contains active Reading searchlight block signals, that serve about 30 trains daily. Selected are scenes from May, August, and November 2012, that show vast farm scenery, railroad related structures, or the Reading signals along the route. 0:00 – We start out on May 18, 2012 with the first scene of a heavy loaded garbage train speeding through Mertztown past the freight depot. Power for the train is a nice eclectic mix of EMD motors: 65J – Garbage Loads – Kearny, NJ – Mingo Junction, OH NS SD70M-2 2717 NS SD70 2519 NS SD60 6674 1:37 – That evening trains 15T and 261 head through the farms at Longswamp and the 222E block signal. 15T – Mixed Freight – Allentown, PA – Birmingham, AL NS D9-40CW 9628 NS D9-40CW 9609 NS SD60 6518 (UP Paint) NS 6518 is currently stored, either waiting call for service or rebuild to an SD60E. 3:23 261 – Roadrailer – Bethlehem, PA – Chicago, IL NS SD70M-2 2662 NS D9-40CW 9132 4:48 – The next day on May 19, 2012, the weather was just as spotless, therefore warranting another visit to the Reading Line. 11J is seen from afar as it enters the small town of Bowers with a weak and whiny horn on the leader. 11J – Empty Autoracks – Doremus, NJ – Bellevue, OH or Detroit, MI NS SD60M 6796 NS D9-40CW 9906 6:16
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I have troubles reading Classical Novels?

Question by BookCat: I have troubles reading Classical Novels?
It’s like I wasn’t trained for them. My first classical novel was when I was 11, yes, that was a late age, and I read The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Hugo. Or was it Hemingway. Eitherway, I can’t remember. Whenever I read Classics, it tend to memorize tiny details and not the main picture. I skip through main points to the storyline and often in discussions I miss out on things while reading and therefore get a bad grade. Like, sometimes I read the novel and can’t even answer the “what’s the setting” question correctly! It’s like my mind won’t pick up on the Classic books. I can’t live without Sparknotes for my essays, and I know I do badly on reading & get bad essay grades for it, but I don’t know why it is that way. I suck at Critical Thinking, but I’m pretty good in math related stuff. The only Classic novel that I’ve read and was able to understand was The Great Gatsby, but that’s such a modern novel!

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Answer by Roadwalker
Sometimes I have trouble focusing when I read classics. Hemingway isn’t a problem, but books like Hunchback make my eyes glaze over. So you’re not alone.
I still love classics and want to experience them. So I listen to audiobooks of them. My local library has a lot and I can reserve ones that they don’t have. Try this out and see if it’s better for you.

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Diploma Scales =Where can I get the RCM Grade 9,10 and above Syllabus for Scales and Sight Reading?

Question by Aurelia: Diploma Scales =Where can I get the RCM Grade 9,10 and above Syllabus for Scales and Sight Reading?
Where can I get RCM’s Grade 9,10,11 and 12 syllabus?
I want to look at the Aural, Scales and Sight reading Component.
I am currently doing the new syllabus for ATCL where its evaluation is 90% performance and 10% program notes.
I feel that the new syllabus is handicapped in terms of technique developement and I still need the old ATCL / Dip Ab / RCM syllabus for scales and arpeggios to push my finger technique and sight reading and ear training for overall musical development.
I don’t just want another certificate but overall technique and musicality.

I am currently doing ABRSM Grade 8 scales which I played for my exam at minim = 88. I am thinking to push my speed to 90 or 96 or more.
Arppegios – I improvised my Grade 8 Arppegios to play them in 3rds and 6ths.
I am also playing major scales in 3rds from Hanon in C, D, F, G, A, Major Double Octave scales ,and chromatic scales in 3rds and 6ths.

This is all so confusing,I feel that it is easier to have a specific exam syllabus to refer to as then I will know how far or how much to practise in the correct way and correct expected speed at this level. A booklet of diploma scales will be handy and much appreciated!

thanks a million!!!!!

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Answer by Chinese Cowboy
You can buy the syllabus from

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HO Scale Bachmann Bee Line Reading Train Set

This would make a great set to get any model railroad started. The engine is from Bachmann’s Spectrum Line. It runs nice a smooth. While the second loco is not powered it still has working directional lighting. This Complete and Ready-To-Run HO Scale Electric Train Set Includes: * Smooth-running Spectrum EMD SD-45 diesel locomotive * Non-powered Spectrum EMD SD-45 locomotive with operating headlight * Three-dome tank car * 40′ Box car * 50′ plug-door box car * Three-bay hopper * 250-ton steam crane & boon tender with working crane action * Wide-vision caboose * Locomotive and all cars equipped with EZ Mate knuckle couplers * 72″ x 45 ” oval of nickel silver EZ Track, with 16 pieces of 22″ wide-radius curved track * 5 pieces of straight track, and 1 plug-in terminal rerailer * Power pack and speed controller * DVD format video instructions * Illustrated instruction manual
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