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Bachmann Donald and Douglas Review: Thomas & Friends Range UK vs USA!

“Bachmann Donald & Douglas” This is a product review which looks at the Donald & Douglas, the Scottish Twins, models which are the United States of America, and made by Bachmann USA. The models are put through their paces, with style, speed and sheer POWER tested to the limit! The review finishes with a startling conclusion: which will come out on top? Parents will find buying the Thomas & Friends engine of choice easier with Hornby VS Bachmann….! Visit the Hero of the Scales Blog for behind the scenes, sneak previews, and many more! thomasmodelreview.blogspot.com Recommended Retail Prices are correct as of 11/07/2011. Hornby & Bachmann’s Websites: www.hornby.com http Wikipedia Links: en.wikipedia.org en.wikipedia.org Special thanks to Leokimvideo for his great help and advice in making this video. The music is from Incomputech and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence. The contents of these videos, including all text and photos (except where credited otherwise) are ┬ęSimon AC Martin
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4.5 octave range, difficulties with high F break note?

Question by Kenzie: 4.5 octave range, difficulties with high F break note?
i have a 4.5 octave range (about a c3 to a g6). my problem is my break note, which is about a high g or f#. i have difficulties with it because i can’t sing exactly on it (as is true with most break notes…) i can switch between registers, but have trouble going up and down in a scale right on that note. i have had no formal vocal training. please help! i need to work through this break.

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Answer by Erin Campbell
I’d suggest just going over and over it again and again. When you come to that one note, sing it over and over, just that note and the few surrounding it. I find coming down easier, but do both equally. Also, using lip trills to work through problem notes is a good help, it regulates your air flow, and your problem could be with lack of air, or too much air.

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