Model railroads appeal to all ages

Model railroads appeal to all ages
model railroads
Image by Calm Vistas
This is a model railroad set up at Das Dutchman Essenhaus in Middlebury, Indiana. Very colorful and fun to watch. A lot of love and care went into building this. Make sure your sound is on to listen to the engines.

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Lots of Toy Trains Model Railroads in Action | 2 DVD Set As Seen On TV

Go to for Lots of DVDs on trains. This video describes all the excitement, music and action found in our “Lots & Lots of Toy Trains” 2 DVD Set with Free Bonus Audio CD as Seen On TV including the Cartoon Network! Anyone who loves trains will love the sing along songs from James Coffey and the amazing video footage from some of the most famous model railroad layouts including, The Morton Arboretum, The Chicago Botanic Garden, Trainland USA, The Toy Train Barn,Entertrainment Junction. Favorite songs include I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, Little Red Caboose, The Train Counting Song, Magical Christmas Train, Skeleton Halloween Fiesta, The Alphabet Train Song, and many more. Please leave your comments and share with those you feel would appreciate a really good DVD. Makes a great present for a child or adult.

Model Railroads Custom Designs-Raildreams, Contruction Scenery, Model Trains Richard Taylor MMR & RailDreams teams build award-winning model railroads for commercial display, museums and hobbyists. RailDreams layouts are truly state-of-the-art.
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“Clear Iron” – 1952 Budd Railcars newsreel – Passenger Trains & Railroads in America

Promotional documentary released in 1952 by Marathon Newsreel Production in association with the Budd company. Shows the railcars being manufactured and in operation. Also features many steam and diesel trains from the early 1950’s. From The Budd Rail Diesel Car or RDC is a self-propelled diesel-hydraulic multiple unit railcar. In the period 1949–62, 398 RDCs were built by the Budd Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. The cars were primarily adopted for passenger service in rural areas with low traffic density or in short-haul commuter service, and were less expensive to operate in this context than a traditional locomotive-drawn train. The cars could be used singly or several coupled together in train sets and controlled from the cab of the front unit. The RDC was one of the few versions of the DMU-type train diesel multiple unit to achieve commercial success in North America. The basic car was adapted from a standard 85 ft (25.91 m) coach. They were powered by two Detroit Diesel (then a division of General Motors) Series 110 diesel engines, each of which drives an axle through a hydraulic torque converter, a technology adapted from military tanks of World War II. RDC trains were an early example of self-contained diesel multiple units, an arrangement now in common use by railways all over the world.

Model of vehicle used by railroads for high railers.?

Question by kc8rbk: Model of vehicle used by railroads for high railers.?
I am trying to find out what kind of vehicle railroads used for a high railer. The particular model I’m looking for has the cab of an ice cream truck and a very shallow box with tool compartments along the side. There used to be one on the Tuscola Saginaw Bay Railway in Clare, Mi and one at the Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum in Parish, Fl during the early 90’s. Also let me know if anyone have seen any for sale east of the Mississippi River. With or without the high rail gear and in repairable shape, I am looking for it as a restoration project. Thanks for your time.

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Answer by Rango
It almost sounds like some of the old high railers our roadmasters had for awhile on the Milwaukee.
they were the Dodge vans that had a van type mid engine cab with a flatbed behind.
not sure what they were called, odd looking little rigs though.

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