Is there a Model Railroader who can help me?

Question by : Is there a Model Railroader who can help me?
I need answers.I have an HO scale model train with four locomotives and about thirty cars,Evey time I run them they make a couple of trips around the layout and then either jump the track or come uncoupled from each other.I have tried everything I could think of but nothing seems to go right.What can I do?

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Answer by Mike1942f
Cars uncoupling or locomotives from each other or cars?
Do the locos each haul a few cars?
It may be then that the motors in each of the locos are producing different speeds from the same voltage and thus the second (or third) in line is pushing the one in front and uncoupling. Normally, the extra locos in HO setups are dummy shells so they look like heavy haulers but don’t have to deal with this problem.
Where are your very light cars and loco shells if you have them? Where are your heavy cars? Do you have any cars that don’t roll freely when you give them a push loose on the track?
It may be that your train is tail heavy or tail dragging and the rear weight is pulling the light cars off the track on the inside of curves.
Of course, your track may be uneven or out of alignment at the joints.

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In this how-to video from Model Railroader magazine, Managing Editor David Popp shows you some easy techniques for laying derailment-free N scale track on your model train layout. David shows how to cut flex track, work with Peco rail joiners, solder rail joiners, file the joints until they’re smooth, and add feeder wires. Using these techniques on your N scale layout will keep your trains running smoothly and on the track. Most of David’s techniques will work on HO or O scale model railroads also. Then he shows some trains in operation on his N scale Naugatuck Valley New Haven layout.

Expert Model railroader help!!!?

Question by Shadow: Expert Model railroader help!!!?
I’m looking for a Baldwin H-6 C&O Mallet Freight Locomotive #1308 HO scale version. I have seen the steam locomotive in videos but i cannot find one for my HO scale freelance layout. This is the one of two steam locomotives I am looking to run. any advice or places i should look?

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Answer by T
Brass dealers. A painted Mallet in Brass will likely cost over $ 1000.

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