MTH Trains over a railroad crossing railfan video includes Amtrak and CSX 1 – new

Here are most of my trains except for my Aerotrain and my Lionel Hobo set. Train 1: MTH Premier Amtrak Genesis Phase IV P40DC 802 The Downeaster Train 2: MTH Premier Amtrak F59PHI 458 Train 3: MTH Premier Amtrak Genesis Phase V P42DC 180 Northeast Regional 83 bound for Newport News Train 4; MTH Railking Amtrak F59PHI 452 Train 5: Mth Railking Amtrak Genesis P42DC 75 The Lakeshore Limited Train 6 MTH Railking Amtrak Dash 8 -32-Bwh Pennsylvanian Train 7: MTH Railking CSX SD70Ace