All is quiet

All is quiet
electric trains
Image by Elsie esq.
On this Wednesday evening at Sheerness on sea station. Of interest is the fretted canopy valences cut back to allow larger more modern trains to visit. Also the wide gap between the two tracks where there was an "loco release road" where the engine could uncouple and "run around" its train ready for the return trip!

What is the best way to ceate a quiet model railroad?

Question by Check: What is the best way to ceate a quiet model railroad?
Any and all details on getting a model train set to run as quietly as possible? Table-building, Roadbed, track, wheels, etc

Info on sound deadening materials

I want the train itself to be as quiet as possible white running it while I’m in the room, and I need the sound of the train to not be heard in other rooms.

Links to info, sites to purchase sound-deadening material, links to project logs from other users on message boards, etc?

Best answer:

Answer by Lester
I don’t care for or use cork but it will do a lot to quieten also use homosote for bench top. Get quality locomotives the cheaper ones tend to be very noisy. For scenery as in mountains use ceiling tiles. I am sure there is more but that is all I can think of right now. I am assuming you are speaking of HO.

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