A question with regard to bay window cabs?

Question by Samurai Hoghead: A question with regard to bay window cabs?
As the first bay window cabs of conventional design were introduced as an improvement over cupola cabs, were any of the first generation of them wood composite, as with their predecessor?

I seem to remember having seen a photo of one captured on the old Coast Division of the SP, but other than that, which I do not possess, they seem to have never existed. That argument may also stand by virtue of the fact that I’ve never seen one modeled, which would be expected had they been.

So, any wood bw cabs, prototype or model and if so, which railroads?


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Answer by Kevin
Yes, Chicago Northwestern and Minnesota Northern

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Electric Train question….?

Question by kevin t: Electric Train question….?
Is it true that in mountainous areas, electric trains return power to the system when they descend??? Dynamic braking??

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Answer by Alco83
Yes. I’m not completely familiar with the application but it is quite similar to dynamic braking. Basically the electric motors can use the incoming transmission as extra braking to help slow the train. Answers member Rango may be able to explain this better as he operated electrics on the Milwaukee Road’s Pacific Extension (through the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest) before the line was de-energized in 1974.

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HO Model Railroad question, Is there a curved bridge section for sale?

Question by Blues Lovin’ Daddy: HO Model Railroad question, Is there a curved bridge section for sale?
I have an elevated 18 inch radius curved track. I want two or three curved bridge sections. But all I can find for sale in shops are STRAIGHT bridge sections. They are inexpensive, but I really need a CURVED bridge section. Thanks.
I found it myself ($ 57.00) by doing an internet search using:
HO model railroad curved bridge.


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Answer by Jason
I’m not sure if they sell curved pieces. I know there are flexible track pieces. Look here:

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model railroad question: what does this mean?

Question by Shadow: model railroad question: what does this mean?
im currently looking for people figures and equipment like band saws, drill press, ect. and in one of my search result, i have some items with “A scale” show up.

Does that mean any scale or is that a new scale?
I’m only operating HO scale and i was looking for certain figures that i could add to my custom locomotive/machine shop.

I was looking thru a search result and some of the items that came up had an “A” in the scale box.

here’s an example:

look at the scale column and hopefully you we will understand what i am talking about

Best answer:

Answer by glenagalt
I’ve never heard of “A” scale but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I suspect, though, that the term is used in the catalogue to refer to items that aren’t actually models at all but tools and other supplies used to make them. Your link leads to a 3″ lathe which is not a model but a real tool. You wouldn’t place it on your layout but on your workbench and use it to make models. Until you mount it on a loco or car, a wheel is just a wheel. Turn a 24mm diameter wheel on it and in HO it would be 7′ diameter, but in my own scale of 16mm;1′ it would represent a mere 18″. You could use such a beast for anything between Z gauge and Gauge 3- though I wouldn’t fancy trying to turn iron castings for live steamers on such a small machine.

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Model railroad question.?

Question by : Model railroad question.?
How can you tell if rails are nickel silver or steel alloy?

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Answer by AJ
If you have track with roadbed already installed, the roadbed itself will usually be black if it’s steel alloy. If the roadbed’s nickel-silver, it will usually be grey. Also, steel rails will always be a silver color. Nickel-Silver can be a silver color, but are more often found as a gold tint. Also, steel oxidizes much faster than nickel-silver. Just see which rails shine worse and that’s probably the steel alloy rails.

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Model Railroad Question? Finished?

Question by : Model Railroad Question? Finished?
Looking to get into the hobby and I have a question.

What happens when I finish my layout? Where do I go from there?? It seems like when I finish its just over! Can you tell me what happens next?

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Answer by Night Electric
You can never finish a layout. 😀

You can always paint some trains, look in Model Railroader for inspiration and more ideas. Or you could always make it bigger.

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Model train Question?

Question by Paul C: Model train Question?
I am fairly new at Model Railroading and I was wondering what 2-6-6-2 means when they are referring to a Loco.

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Answer by Justin R
In Whyte notation, 2-6-6-2 refers to a railroad steam locomotive that has two leading wheels followed by six coupled driving wheels, a second set of six coupled driving wheels, and two trailing wheels. This type of locomotive was commonly used in North America on logging railways.

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I still need an answer to my previous Matchbox question?

Question by willrupe: I still need an answer to my previous Matchbox question?
I recently bought a Matchbox item at a local dollar store. I want to buy an additional eleven identical contemporary red farm tractors to serve as flat car loads for my HO scale model trains. Matchbox is unable to help me achieve this goal. Going from store to store and buying one at a time is not a viable option either. The question remains “How do I buy multiple pieces of an identical item at one time?” I would like the price to remain very near the level marked on the front of the original packaging. Yours respectfully, William Rupert willrupe@yahoo.com

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Answer by mynydd_mor
have you tried larger toy stores like toys r us? have you looked on ebay? i’ve bought specific matchbox items on there…

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A question about brass scale model engines and rolling stock?

Question by Samurai Hoghead: A question about brass scale model engines and rolling stock?
I’m just curious.

Some people paint these fine scale models in some railroad prototype paint scheme and/or weather them, while others keep them as unpainted brass locos. I guess there may be additional value to a collector or as a part of a collection sans livery, analogous to an un-circulated coin to numismatists, while I’d think a modeler would in likelihood opt for the paint job, as I do.

If familiar, which do you prefer?

Just wondering. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by UPRRocks
I think I’d like the one with livery although I don’t collect brass engines

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